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WVRox - on 08 Mar 2018

We know that elbow pain is very common in climbers, and probably more common as the years tick by! We also know that there is plenty on here and other forums about golfers elbow and tennis elbow, but what about if your diagnosis is that the problem in your case is arthritis?

Prompting my posting is that yesterday I had an ultrasonic diagnosis of my elbows (at £65 a bargain) which suggested no problems with muscles or tendons, but that I have an arthritic build up of ‘stuff’ in the actual elbow joints of both arms. Movement is limited, and the pain is enough to severely restrict climbing activity. The treatment is to try corticosteroid injections first, to see if they have any effect, then make a judgement as to whether the next stage is appropriate, that being arthroscopic surgery.

Does this resonate with anyone? Anyone had similar steroid injections with a success story to tell - or otherwise?! Anyone else spending a fortune on physio or Chiro treatment when an untrasound diagnosis might be a sensible ‘investment’? Anyone gone to the next stage and had micro surgery?

Interested to hear your stories 

mary on 08 Mar 2018
In reply to WVRox:

I've used a mix of equal parts of honey and cider vinegar, topped up with hot or cold water every night/day.  Worked very quickly for me but probably I was in first stages of noticing arthritis, and found a lot of info on't 'net - Ranulph Fiennes in particular.

gravy - on 08 Mar 2018
In reply to mary:

Do you drink it or rub it on?

WVRox - on 09 Mar 2018
In reply to mary:

Cheers - worth a try!

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