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eroica64 - on 03 Feb 2018

Avon Gorge (Sea Walls)

Sad news. BBC and Bristol Post reporting a climber fell and died from head injuries (I think) in the Avon Gorge yesterday.

See this report:

Curious phrasing in the BBC report said; "The stretch of cliff face the man was on when he fell is a recognised route that has established climbing "holds" fixed to the rock."

The Bristol Post article is here:

It mentions the Sea Walls area - there is a photo - and says the climber fell partway down the cliff and suffered a head injury.  Horrible news for the family. Our fun and games on the cliffs have this real serious underlay. Be safe.


James Mann - on 03 Feb 2018
In reply to eroica64:

There is already a thread on here about this. I will post again my comment on that thread:

 This is terrible, tragic news. Can people try and be very considered when posting comments here. There have been recent occasions when the press have been less than scrupulous about trawling UKClimbing and climbing facebook groups  to try and gain information for stories about accidents in the gorge. Any idle speculation of cause has no positive effect and could indeed prove enormously upsetting to those involved in the accident or who have lost loved ones. The police took statements from those involved in the accident and the details of those who assisted before the emergency services arrived at the scene. This information will be used by the coroner who will determine a cause of death based on a range of evidence. 

James Mann (SW area chair - British Mountaineering Council)

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.