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johncook - on 12 Sep 2018

It has not been well publicised but this weekend in the inaugural BMC Peak South Limestone Festival Based at the Royal Oak in Whetton near Asbourne. 

There are guest speakers on Saturday, including Gary Gibson. Camping is available via the pub and they do good meals and beer. There will be an organised walk in the Sunday morning if climbing on Limestone wears you out on Saturday.

Today I received a BMC newsletter -mail with the details on it, but I am having difficulty copying it to here.

Please turn up and make it a weekend to be repeated annually in the South Peak.

Mike505 on 12 Sep 2018
Offwidth - on 13 Sep 2018
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Weather forecast was OK but has if anything improved a little... looks good Saturday and possibly OK at times on Sunday. I'm staying elsewhere in the Peak but will be helping out in the day both days. I was going to bring some aid gear for Sunday but might not need it now.

I think the lack of talk on UKC sadly says more about those using this site than how many people know about it. BMC Gower fest turned out OK despite a terrible advance forecast (which was wrong). BMC Wilton fest was reputedly amazing despite very little being said on here.



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Dave Garnett - on 13 Sep 2018
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Unfortunately I have a prior engagement, otherwise I would definitely have turned up for at least part of this.  It's a great area, and there's the excellent new guidebook...

spenser - on 13 Sep 2018
In reply to johncook:

Thanks for helping push this John, only thing I'll clarify is that it's spelled Wetton with no 'h'!

I hadn't realised it was going to be repeated anually when I stuck my head over the parapet and got volunteered to run a festival last september, however it would make sense to do so if this year is a success.

Weather forecast now looking pretty good so hopefully there will be plenty of people out on the crag/ hill followed by the talk at the pub.

Given that there is uncertainty over how many people will descend on the pub the agenda has changed slightly:

Gary's Talk 7-7:30 PM  - This has not changed

Food - 8PM ish - This is to better help the pub to deal with the unknown number of people who are going to come along due to the low number of bookings relating to the festival, still plenty of space at the pub/ camping for saturday night.



Graeme Hammond - on 14 Sep 2018
In reply to spenser:

> I hadn't realised it was going to be repeated annually

Lifetime sentence for speaking up ;)

spenser - on 14 Sep 2018
In reply to Graeme Hammond:

I will never learn apparently!

In reply to spenser:

Sorry for the stitch-up Spenser, but the area is all the better for having you involved.

I'm really sad to be missing it this weekend, not least because it'd have been really interesting to hear Gary speak (plus a good excuse to visit High Tor + Dovedale).

Best of luck, and most of all - have fun!

Offwidth - on 14 Sep 2018
In reply to Rob Greenwood - UKClimbing:

Forecast has improved further and most of the heavy rain in the Peak seems to have missed Wetton today, according to the radar on Raintoday. See everyone there.

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spenser - on 15 Sep 2018
In reply to Offwidth:

You are correct, blue skies abound!

Offwidth - on 18 Sep 2018
In reply to spenser:

Thanks again for the organisation and Gary for the talk. My only regret is everyone did the walk on Sunday and there were no aid 'virgins' there to try The Bat in the intermittant rain.

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