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Annab12 - on 13 Jul 2018

Hi there,

Me and my boyfriend are going to Portugal in a couple of weeks and I'm wondering what metre rope to take with me? We climbing sport. Is 50m long enough?

If anyone has any recommendations of where to go or will be out there at the same time then please let me know! 

Thanks in advance.

Sean_J - on 13 Jul 2018
In reply to Annab12:

It's rather more traditional to choose a place to climb at before considering rope length.... also, Portugal is quite a big place, what sort of area will you be in?

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dominic o - on 14 Jul 2018
In reply to Annab12:

There's a huge variety of climbing in Portugal, and it's a beautiful and friendly country to visit. I'd really recommend that you get the new Versante Sud guidebook which provides good info. 

We spent a month there this spring and visited most of the climbing areas. Check out for photos and beta on each of the main areas.

In terms of specific recommendations, if you are looking for more typical continental single pitch sports climbing (rather than seacliff or mountain routes) then Rocha da Pena on the Algarve would be a good starting point

There is also a cluster of sports crags near Coinbra in the Serra do Sico, of which our favourite Poios was

However, the most remarkable characteristic of Portugal is its fabulous coastline, and this provides the setting for much of the most memorable climbing. Some of this requires dealing with waves, tides and abseils but you can get a very "user friendly" introduction at Farol da Guia, Cascais, just north of Lisbon, with walk-in access (down a stone staircase!) just 2 minutes from the car.

There should be plenty you can do at the above with your 50m rope but I'd suggest you always have a knot in the end just in case! Enjoy! 


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