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timmyhobby - on 24 Mar 2014

has anyone done any of the training's and assessments and is there much point or is it just a money maker? I have worked as an outdoor instructor with the bulk of my work indoor climbing instructing with groups working on there NICAS for the past 3/4 years. I have my SPA already and have my CWLA assessment in about a month. I want to progress my instructing as much as possible but in total to get to be a level 3 coach that would be 3 days of training, 3 of assessment and around £600 to pay along with the time off work. Unlucky i was skint when the fundamentals 1 and 2 were around so i couldn't fast track to level 3. Any views would be greatly appreciated,

andyathome on 24 Mar 2014 - []
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Didn't know you could 'fast-track' to level 3 climbing coach - didn't think there was such a thing!

If you don't need to be a 'qualified coach' then don't do it. If you think it adds another string to your bow that might repay your investment.

I've not been on coach training courses so my thoughts may be worthless!
AlH - on 24 Mar 2014
In reply to timmyhobby:

I think the courses are what you make of them. I'll put my hands up as one of the providers (but with the amount of pre/post course work most of us seem to be putting into the Courses I'd hardly call them a money maker) I don't think there is anyone out there who can't stand to learn something- that's why you'll see that providers like Ian Dunn are doing the Awards themselves for the experience.
The way to think about it is that the existing NGBs are the safety/group management side of what you do. The FUNdas are the 'what to coach' (and there is some juggling about the exact level of the content at the moment- perhaps removing some of the content duplicated at CWA/other places- although I often see the basics from FUNdas 1 aren't applied as widely or as well as they might be) and the Coaching Award Training courses are the 'how to coach'.
Some of the things you'll see will be new to you, some won't. Some ideas you'll agree with based on your own experience, some will challenge your perceptions. But in all the trainings/assessments you'll get the opportunity to bring all of your practise together as a climbing coach with feedback from a knowledgeable and also experienced provider. What's not to like?
timmyhobby - on 24 Mar 2014
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Ok cool, that all sounds good. anyone else got anything to add?
timmyhobby - on 25 Mar 2014
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anyone got any other thoughts that has taken part in the courses?

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