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Psychlane - on 24 Sep 2013
I was climbing at Wintours Leap on Friday last week and a climber further down the crag fell. It seemed that mountain rescue were having trouble finding him/her and by the time we left there were fire and ambulance present too. I suspect it hadn't turned out well. Just wondering if anyone knows what happened and whether the climber was OK.
Pete Cook - on 24 Sep 2013
Psychlane - on 24 Sep 2013
Thanks Pete.
Bobling - on 24 Sep 2013
In reply to Psychlane:

Hmmmm similar thing happened last time I was there too, 28th August. Didn't want to post on here and get flamed as a rubber necker. It's a shame that website does not seem to go back to the 28th as I am still wondering what happened and if everyone was OK. It was a bit sobering to be deracking at the hole in the wall to then see two fire engines, police, paramedics etc all turn up - but heartening to see such a massive and quick turn out.
Chris Sansum - on 25 Sep 2013
In reply to Bobling:

Completely natural to be concerned about any accident you were in the vicinity of. Not 'rubbernecking' - it would be heartless if you didn't worry about what happened to the person and try to find out.
Psychlane - on 25 Sep 2013
In reply to Bobling:

There's a news story on the BBC about the fall on the 28th (google news "Wintour's leap") and there was another fall there on 16th of september. As far as I can tell all three are alive (if not necessarily well) but that's three in a month at Wintour's and with my climbing partner currently on crutches after a fall at Stanage, I'm beginning to think tis is a dangerous sport!
Bobling - on 25 Sep 2013
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News story here for anyone interested:, I like the way it mentions "one rock climbing website".
John Willson - on 25 Sep 2013
In reply to Bobling:

Your link doesn't work for me.

I was away on 28/8 and have no knowledge of the incident on that day.

Sadly, the one on Saturday 14th September (not 16th) was fatal.

I understand the climber who fell last Friday (20th) suffered a dislocated shoulder but have no official knowledge.

The latter two were both on Fly Wall.

Bobling - on 25 Sep 2013
In reply to John Willson:

Sorry - an extra comma got inserted, below should work (not that it says much).

Shocking to hear of a fatality.
Psychlane - on 26 Sep 2013
In reply to Bobling: Shocking indeed and you really cant justify it with the "he died doing something he loved" line. It has been a sobering few weeks in my climbing journey and I think it has brought home to me the potential seriousness of the thing we all involve ourselves in. It isn't fishing! I read an article by Andy Kirkpatrick a little while ago in which he sort of brushed off the dangers involved in climbing and claimed that we all like to talk them up because it makes us feel macho (or words to that effect). I have to say I really don't subscribe to all that. Risk is plainly part of it but I found myself backing off a VS yesterday because it had started to rain a little but had really great day out on a big VDiff. I really have been reevaluating my relationship with it all. I still aim to climb the Old man of Hoy one day (it's courage rather than skill that stops me climbing E1 now I think) but I think the happiest climbing days I've had have been the days out on the crag, climbing well within my capabilities rather than the white knuckle stomach churners, if I'm honest with myself.
james.slater - on 26 Sep 2013
In reply to Psychlane: Was there on the 14th, helped the ambulance and fire crews out as much as we could all afternoon, but the outcome was very sad to say the least. Having a little break from climbing after that.

Thoughts are with the climbing partner and the family.

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