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CoraS - on 31 Jan 2018

Hi guys,

As most people I am struggeling with fear of falling while climbing but I've always loved climbing too much to let this stop me.

My friends and I have now made a little film about it which we've handed in at this years BMC women in adventure film competition.

I thought some of you might enjoy it considering that it is a common problem. ;-)

Here is the link:


Happy watching.

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Andy Peak 1 - on 31 Jan 2018
In reply to CoraS:

Enjoyed that a lot! Climbing and falling are one in the same if your going to push yourself, I still struggle wth the apprehension of a fall but that is based more about dropping a onsite than actually falling off. 

Important to realise what the problem is in the mind while you address it.

lovely film thank you

althesin on 31 Jan 2018
In reply to CoraS:

Really liked that, very well made film. Anybody spot the locations? Very inspiring rock.

Steve Perry - on 31 Jan 2018
In reply to CoraS:

What a pleasant viewing. Such a good dialogue over some fine filming.

Jim25 - on 31 Jan 2018
In reply to CoraS:

That's a great film! Thanks  for making and sharing that. I'll show that to my wife later who struggles with falls too. 


CoraS - on 31 Jan 2018

Thank you very much for the positive Feedback. Glad you all enjoyed it.

CoraS - on 31 Jan 2018
In reply to althesin:


we filmed it in the Danube valley (or Donautal) in southern Germany. Well worth a visit! It's got a lot of nice sport routes and some amazing multipitches.

nniff - on 31 Jan 2018
In reply to CoraS:

Lovely film.   Far more engaging than most.  well done

Gordonbp - on 31 Jan 2018
In reply to CoraS:

That's been very helpful. On my very first climb, nearly 30 years ago, I slipped on the first pitch and pendulumed across the face. I've had an irrational fear ever since of not the actual fall, but the slip that starts it! Hopefully, this year (my 64th) I'm going to resolve this. Your film is great!

Fiona Reid - on 31 Jan 2018
In reply to CoraS:

What a great film, many thanks for posting sharing it with us

crimpsoplenty - on 31 Jan 2018
In reply to CoraS:

Thanks for sharing, really liked it. Gives me hope one day I might manage to get into that zone :p

stp - on 31 Jan 2018
In reply to CoraS:

Wow. That's a really great video. Beautifully shot and put together and eloquent and sincere narration that gets to the heart of lead climbing. One of the best short climbing vids I've seen 5/5.

CoraS - on 01 Feb 2018

Glad you all liked it. Still working on everything myself but the moment where there is no fear are worth all the terrifying ones.


NigelHurst - on 01 Feb 2018
In reply to CoraS:

Excellent and inspiring video, my partner identified hugely with what you were experiencing, thank you

anaeurope - on 02 Feb 2018
In reply to CoraS:

So inspiring! It is a mind set the fear of falling and very common. Thank you for sharing and beautiful location.

LeeWood - on 11 Feb 2018
In reply to CoraS:

> you don't fall any more - you fly

as a hang glider pilot logging airtime used to be a mandatory pleasure - but now I've quit the sport; so thats now my take on climbing falls - a bit more airtime to log, savor and ruminate over

but I'm not convinced that falling will always come so easily - the comfort factor diminishes with inactivity - and then you must learn again

springfall2008 - on 12 Feb 2018
In reply to CoraS:

Very well made video, excellent work I showed this to my 12 year old daughter last night who is just getting into lead climbing.

STAR18 on 12 Feb 2018
In reply to CoraS: loved this film -as someone who has come to climbing very late in life (last year aged 58) I am still working on this - I have the fitness I now need to loose the fear - didnyou do a falling course ???


Wallker on 13 Feb 2018

Thanks for sharing this material. I have also basiphobia from time to time especially after some injures. Your movie will help many people to fight it and become closer to their peaks. 

CoraS - on 14 Feb 2018

Thank you so much, all of you.

@LeeWood: "Air time". That made me giggle. But of course you are right. I realised that when I stopped with lead climbing for around three months when I first got into bouldering. It was terrible to push trough all that again.

@springfall2008: Say hi to your little girl from me. Kids are often such an inspiration for me as they seem so fearless.

@STAR18: I didn't do a specific course but trained with people who new what they where doing and tried to help me (e.g. my boyfriend who is a climbing instructor). I also started relativly late with climbing, compared to my age. Just over two years now.


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