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RadekNowak - on 17 Jun 2014

Has any of you ever experienced a foot injury when your foot got swollen without any particular reason? I did not hit anything or fallen down or sprain my ankle. Basically my big toe got swollen on the joint, i cannot move it fully. Checking any on line database it looks like it can be a gout but i need to see a doctor for a full check. I m just wondering if anyone had any similar problem. How long it took to heel, how did it affect your climbing?

Putting a climbing shoe is not even an option at the moment..worring..:/

RadekNowak - on 30 Jun 2014
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No one have a gout problems?
mariopulquerio - on 01 Jul 2014
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Well it can be a variety of things. I am dealing with problems in my big toe since last December! After many x-rays and one MRI it is still unclear what is going on. kind of depends on the doctor who is doing the diagnosis!

Gout can be checked with one simple blood analysis. Go and see a GP.

good luck
Pete Dangerous - on 01 Jul 2014
Have you not got it checked out yet?

Offwidth - on 02 Jul 2014
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You need to see your gp probably for a referral to a podiatrist.
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It could be gout but probably isn't. I work in A&E and see this sort of thing everyday.Generally it is nothing and goes away within a couple of weeks.Of course there are other things it could be,but the chances are it will self resolve.Go see a doc.......preferably GP rather than A&E unless it is a true accident or true emergency.....

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