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Alan Pierce - on 26 Sep 2013
Just so you know the police woke me up at 6am yesterday in the main public car park in Rodellar.

Like most climbers with vans i choose to sleep in that rather than use the other available options which to be fair are plentiful in Rodellar.

The point that i am making is that the police do give out fines from time to time and the fine for free camping in this car park is 150 euro .

I have been to Rodellar 6 times now for various lengths of time and i have stayed in the municiple camping site and the Kalandraka bungalows which i highly recommend.

Anyway just be aware that sleeping in your van is NOT legal in Rodellar so be prepared to pay the fine.
dave657 on 26 Sep 2013
In reply to Flash from the past:

I was there for a few weeks a couple of years ago, sleeping in my van in that car park. The police did come round once, but fortunately while I had gone to Riglos for a couple of days. The police said they'd be back but never did, I think they just wanted to scare a few people away. Sleeping in the car park seems to be tolerated outside peak tourist season (July/August). But we were told that the hotel owner, who deosn't mind people sleeping in vans, will call the police if people are bivvying or camping in the car park. So not saying you definately won't get fined, but more not to worry too much.

On the other hand, it is ridiclous that they tolerate people staying in the car park, but then lock the toilets so people go and shit in the woods!
Tom Livingstone - on 15 Oct 2013
In reply to Flash from the past:

Thanks for the tip. We're in Rodellar at the moment, sleeping in our van. Did you get fined then? Or the police just want to make it known that they can?

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