/ HawkCraig Bolts - May 2018

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Adam Russell - on 18 May 2018

I was pottering around the Hawkcraig (Aberdour,  Hawkcraig ) yesterday evening and noticed that there are a couple of shiny new expansion bolts on the top of the crag above the Cranium Crack area. Oddly, this is despite being next to the easy downclimb, and when first doing these routes ages ago, I don't remember any concerns with finding a belay at the top. Seems pretty unnecessary to me.

Anyone know more about this?



DannyC - on 18 May 2018
In reply to Adam Russell:

Hi Adam, 

Interesting. If placed by climbers, which seems highly likely, they should be removed.

I'm not particularly anti-bolt belays at trad crags in a few limited circumstances, but at the Hawkcraig the scramble down is easy, and could even be backed up using trad gear if required. There are also alternative ways to walk down. 

I guess you know, but there were a number of new bolts added in 2011, which since have been rightly removed. 

There is one old, single bolt  at Hawkcraig, to belay above The Dreeping Beak and nearby routes, which I think I found useful, with little else available. 


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