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Rich God 3 - on 31 Oct 2011
OK, so it's probably been asked before, but I'll ask anyway.

I'm looking at a 'hot rock' trip in February. What's the best destination in terms of reliable weather at this time of year??

By 'hot rock' I'm meaning - warm place if possible, not too expensive to get to ie cheap flight, cheap accom and some bolt clipping (not too hard)at the end?

I'm aware of Coasta Blanca, Majorca, Sardinia etc but don't know which gets best weather in February.

Any advice appreciated.
Peter Herold - on 31 Oct 2011
None of these are Hot Rock at the end of Feb, it's winter. We live in Sardinia and climb all year round, at the end of Feb in the sun at low-lying crags in the sun like Quirra, Villasimius, Campo dei Miracoli if I look back at the routes I climbed this Jan-Feb-Mar. There is a new guide to Sardinia, the 5th edition of Pietra di Luna, the first new guide to the whole island for 9 years, with twice the number of routes (3600) compared to the last guide. The FAQ's in this guide tell you about the weather for climbing and you can also see them at . This guide should be available soon in the UK (you can buy it already in Germany), it was published 10 days ago. I have some copies already since I translated it.
The Ivanator - on 31 Oct 2011
In reply to Peter Herold: Hi Rich,
Not free in the February half term (due to Art Trip) but could well be up for a sunny rock break at Easter (perhaps 5 days or a week) ...Mallorca looks good and can be done on a budget, I have the new Rockfax and there is plenty to go at for us non superman types.
Rich God 3 - on 01 Nov 2011
In reply to The Ivanator:

Hi Ivan, I'm looking at Feb half term at the moment. Not sure of my Easter dates yet but will let you know. Does your Mallorca guide say anything about weather in February?
The Ivanator - on 01 Nov 2011
In reply to Rich God 3: It looks coolish there in Feb. 6min - 15max degrees, but likely to be dry (only 30mm rain for the month on average. Keep me posted re. Easter. Also starting to hatch summer Dolomites plans, interested?

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