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Will Legon - on 13 Sep 2017
Hi all, with a frayed wire on one of my Wild Country friends I decided that I would sort this myself. I came across this excellent source of info:

Problem is I can't remove the remaining wire from the finger clasp. It appears to be held fast in two circular plastic fittings. I've tried unscrewing it (using a pair of pincers in the two holes) but it won't budge. Anyone else succeeded and can offer some pearls of wisdom?
Martin Bennett - on 13 Sep 2017
In reply to Will Legon:

I just prize them out with something stiff and pointed.

Incidentally I don't have any use for strimmer (plastic) "cord" or whatever the term is. I simply use wire. And once done it's not, as Chris' article implies, just a temporary emergency measure - it's fixed. For good as far as I can tell. I've been doing 'em for myself and pals for years; lasts longer than the original but I don't yet know how long as these fixes have yet to fail. The only slight downside I know of is that the wire, not being as flexible as the original, can become a little bent when being carried in your rucksack. However it's a simple matter to straighten it again. This is most noticeable with bigger cams, say 3.5 upwards.

I had to experiment a bit with the wire I bought; my first choice very thin flexible wire proved too flimsy and broke. The stuff I then bought, from a local hardware store, is about the same diameter as the rigid wire on Technical Friends and Camalots.

Good luck with it. With a bit of practice you can do 'em in about 10 mins and Bob's yer uncle.

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.