/ looking to start rock climbing. help needed

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chaddy on 29 Jan 2013 -
Hi there people. Ive always been interested in climbing but i really dont know where to start. Question. 1. Were would i get all my equipment from on the cheap lol and can i buy all i need as a package. Question 2. Is there any good places to climb around the north west area close to manchester? Question 3. Do you have to pay to rock climb lol thanks leon
Skyfall - on 29 Jan 2013
In reply to chaddy:

Try these articles on here:

Also check out the list of articles by scrolling to the bottom of this page:

Specifically, yes, you can get deals on bulk purchases from gear shops. Either specific climbing retailers (there are a few around the country in the main climning areas) or mroe general outdoors outlets like Cotswolds, Go etc. All have websites nowadays.

What gear you needs depends on what you intend to be doing. Boudlering? Seconding others on roped climbs? Leading roped climbs? Sports versus trad. Winter vs summer. Alpine etc. The list of gear you could buy is pretty much endless ;)

You have to pay to climb if you climb at an indoor climbing wall. Outdoors is all free and better. Indoors is, for most climbers still, just training for the great outdoors.

Is there anywhere near Manchester to climb? Quite a few large indoors walls. Outside you have the Peak District and not too far away the Lake District. What more can you ask for?

If you don't know anyone who climbs then you may start at a local indoor wall and meet someone like you and learn together. Or you might find someone who will happily take you out. There are some clubs who take novices but they are not generally there to teach you to climb (partly for liability reasons and partly because people joing clubs to climb, not to hang around teaching others).

You will hopefully find someone answers who can tell you what clubs do what in your area.

You could also post in the Lifts and Partners forum on UKC and ask if someone wants to join up with you either in or out - whether they have experience or not.

Hope you manage to find your way into it. It's a great game

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.