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GrahamPlant - on 22 Aug 2017
Hi All,
Just wanted to pick peoples brains about Lundy. I'm stopping in Devon next month and was planning on a day trip over to Lundy and was wondering if anyone had made the trip over and get some climbing in.

I was wondering if the ferry ride over for the day will allow enough climbing time? Has anyone done this and is it possible?

Tom Last - on 22 Aug 2017
In reply to GrahamPlant:

Don't know of times of Ferry but Devil's Slide is up at the other end of the island, so factor walking times in if you're hoping to get up there. The big flying Buttress for Diamond Solitaire and also Landing Craft Bay are closer iirc.
GrahamPlant - on 22 Aug 2017
In reply to Tom Last:

We were hoping to get to the Slide but I guess we'd need to get a wriggle on. Thanks very much.
Simon Caldwell - on 22 Aug 2017
In reply to GrahamPlant:

I haven't done it myself, but have met people who have done it. It's apparently perfectly feasible, unless you get there and find that others with the same idea have beaten you to it!

Personally I'd say that Lundy's not a place to be rushed, you'll get far more from it if you take your time.
brianjcooper on 22 Aug 2017
In reply to Simon Caldwell:
> Personally I'd say that Lundy's not a place to be rushed, you'll get far more from it if you take your time.

Totally agree with you Simon.
We stayed on the island for a week, which allowed us more time to climb other good routes. Eg. Albion. (next to the DS) The Lundy guide book says it's a 1hr walk from the jetty to the Devil's Slide. And as others have mentioned, there may be queues on some of the more popular climbs. Also, one day doesn't give you much of a window with the weather.

Have fun. It's a memorable place.
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GrahamPlant - on 22 Aug 2017
In reply to brianjcooper:

Thanks everyone for you comments. It all helps, I knew it would be a push for time but we'll give it a try.

Myself and my partner have new families and are trying to fit climbing in when we can. Maybe a weeks trip next year is on the cards.
Trangia on 22 Aug 2017
In reply to GrahamPlant:
Do you suffer from sea sickness? I don't but I've been on the ferry with folk that do, and that doesn't leave them in the best shape to try and rush to grab a route or two on a flying visit. I agree that it's better to give yourself a few days if you can.

You mention Devil's Slide. Someone else has mentioned Albion which is very close to the Slide. If you are pressed for time IMHO Albion is a much better climb.
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In reply to GrahamPlant:
I would echo Simon + Brian's sentiments, it would be possible - it may even be quite a nice challenge - but if you really want to get the 'Lundy experience' you really have to stay on the island.

I've forgotten exactly what time the ferry returns, but I don't think it's that late, and in leaving early you would miss out on one of the most magical moments: the sunset (which tends to be fantastic) and the beer in the Marisco Tavern (which tends to have a somewhat rapid effect due to a long days climbing).

p.s. I'm sure you've seen this already, but just in case here's a link to the destination article I wrote last year
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Gary Gibson - on 22 Aug 2017
In reply to GrahamPlant: it is definitely possible to catch the ferry and get the Slide done. About 45mins fast hike/jog from the beach to the Slide, a little more if you don't get a move on. I did it last year, managed both the Slide and Satan's Slip solo and then yomped back. You need about four hours, probably five on the island. Remember to consider disembarking though.

FactorXXX - on 22 Aug 2017
In reply to GrahamPlant:

If you do go, make sure they don't put your gear in the hold!
Kevster - on 22 Aug 2017
In reply to GrahamPlant:

Dare I say finding the top of the slide is not the easiest if you've never been before.
Either have navigation aids
Or, some photos of the aproach.
Or good fortune, luck and good old fashioned guide book reading.
Or ask others in the area.
GrahamPlant - on 23 Aug 2017
In reply to Rob Greenwood - UKClimbing:

Thanks Rob. Yes, I've read your article on Lundy and it was a really great read thank you. Always good to read inspiring articles. I think maybe dip my toe in on a day trip this year and plan for a weeks trip next year. Sad but true that we may have to miss out on a beer in the Tavern.

I did visit Lundy a couple of years back for a day trip with my wife so have a rough idea of the geography of the island and where abouts the slide is. My current family situation, new dad, is meaning that I am getting lots of guide book reading time.

In reply to GrahamPlant:

Dipping the toe sounds like a great idea, better to go than not to go that's for sure (and even more so if it inspires another, longer trip)!

Have fun, and let us know how you get on.
Big Lee - on 23 Aug 2017
In reply to GrahamPlant:

Diamond Buttress is much closer than the Devil's Slide. Would have that area would be more sensible for a day trip as will be less rushed.
Becky E - on 12 Sep 2017
In reply to GrahamPlant:

If you get a Bideford sailing (sail out to Lundy early morning, with a late afternoon/early evening return journey) then you'll be able to do it more comfortably.

The timings for the Ilfracombe sailings don't give you as much time on the island.
Macca_7 - on 12 Sep 2017
In reply to GrahamPlant:

As has been mentioned above definitely better if you can get the Bideford sailings as it will give you longer on the island.

Myself and friends have done the day trip a few times and its certainly well worth the effort, last time we had a marathon effort to get up to climb controlled burning (before it collapsed!) then back down to do Satans Slip before ensuring we had enough time for a pint in the tavern before sailing back!

Its well worth the effort and as mentioned if you can only get there for the day, far better than not going.

Do it as long as the weather plays ball you'll have a great day!

Good Luck

duchessofmalfi - on 12 Sep 2017
In reply to GrahamPlant:

You'd have to pretty much run there and back to make it worthwhile...
Dave Ferguson - on 12 Sep 2017
In reply to duchessofmalfi:

have to disagree, I've done the slide in a day with the kids on a family holiday to north devon, didn't feel rushed at all and had plenty of time to go up the north light on the way back and have a pint in the Marisco before sailing back. Just make sure you've got your gear with you on the ferry and travel light, you can do it in 2 pitches so the climbing doesn't take long at all, a fantastic day out.

Deadeye - on 12 Sep 2017
In reply to duchessofmalfi:

To be honest that's, well, bollocks.
The ferrys run at times varying by tide and it's already been pointed out that the Bideford route usually (NB not always) gives more land time.
With a day sack and clear objective, it's under 45' from boat to stepping onto the Slide and then only 4 (?) pitches of HS. Time for a pint ont he way back.
BStar - on 13 Sep 2017
In reply to Dave Ferguson:

It all depends on ferry times I guess. I did the devils slide a couple of weeks back, we were staying on the island but decided that the weather would be best the day we got there. Day trippers had to be back at 1530 when we went.

Ferry at Ilfracombe, 1000
Land at Lundy, 1210
Walk into the slide, 1310
Kit up, abseil in, 1330
Do the slide in 3 long pitches with a team in front of us, 1530
Walk back to the tavern, 1630

We certainly wouldn't have managed to do it in a day, we weren't particularly rushing and we did have one (albeit fairly fast) team in front of us.

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