/ mountaineering trips by motorbike!!

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Hans - on 05 Jan 2013

I've recently bought a 125cc Honda CG. I'm going to use it to get to the lakes easier to get days for my ML, and also for riding around to crags etc.

Wondered if anyone did the same thing, and what kit they have/reccommend. Also, I can't use motorways yet, but working on decent routes to Wales. I'm thinking of getting lightweight cycle touring kit and strapping it to paniers.

Really wanted to get a car, but hey. Couldn't....

cheers in advance.
Hans - on 05 Jan 2013
In reply to Hans: Also any advice on parking would be useful. Not sure if all car parks have places for motorbikes.
jhw - on 05 Jan 2013
Jamie B - on 05 Jan 2013
In reply to Hans:

Are you into winter climbing? I can think of a few Scottish approaches which would be a lot easier on a motorbike...
ceri - on 05 Jan 2013
In reply to Hans: Main problem is that carparks don't have anywhere you can leave your kit, so you might end up having to carry all you bike gear to the crag.
Mad Hatter 1988 on 05 Jan 2013
In reply to Hans: I'm into bikes as well, can use the car but can't take it away for the weekend because the Mrs needs it, its her only form of transport.

Rucksack's strapped together over the back seat work well as panniers if you don't want to shell out for proper one's. Or have a look at the plastic work cases on cpc farnel if you don't mind being creative they're dirt cheap.

A top box is extremely useful I couldn't be without mine anywhere.

Also when you get to the car park if you take your chain and you've brought a decent length one you can feed it through an arm of the jacket, a leg in the trousers and through the chin guard on the helmet and hey presto they're all secure.

You can ride in walking boots but if it rains you'll be walking in wet boots, I spend most of the winter in karrimor snow boots .

The CG is a brilliant bike and most will run forever and trust me motorways aren't fun on motorcycles, I tend to make a weekend from a days walking or climbing and travel there on the Friday and home on the Sunday.

It's a brilliant world to be involved in and 9 times out of 10 if you've got a problem someone who rides bikes will be along to help regardless of if they know you or not.
Cheese Monkey - on 05 Jan 2013
In reply to Hans: Done alot of cragging over the last few months by motorbike, its not too bad. Buy a helmet with a metal loop on the chin strap so you can lock it under the seat. Stash gloves under the seat. Wear jacket on walk in to warm you up. Dont buy expensive boots. For long trips bungee your sack to the rear seat.
Albert Tatlock - on 05 Jan 2013
In reply to Hans:

Try Silvermans,ex army canvas throw over panniers,about £ 35,try Aldi,bright yellow dry bags £ 7.

Ride with an empty rucksac on your back,and take the most expensive kit with you in the sac, if you leave the bike unattended/ insecure.

Mr Tatlock
Hans - on 05 Jan 2013
In reply to Hans: All excellent replies, cheers guys!

I do winter climbing yes, but Scotland is a good 8 hour ride away. Having said that, got two days in the lakes just before xmas in good conditions, so the season might not be over yet *fingers crossed*

Actually uncross those fingers as riding on ice is possibly the stupidest thing I could do.

Thought about riding to campsites and just chucking gear into a tent; bit more costly but maybe a little safer?
Jamie B - on 05 Jan 2013
In reply to Hans:

I honestly think that in a good majority of Scottish approach points/car parks you'd be able to find a stash place for your biking gear in the immediate vicinity. I guess the bigger issue is getting a climbing partner aboard!
Hans - on 05 Jan 2013
In reply to Jamie Bankhead: True. Need to meet up with other climbers/walkers.

But hey, that's what UKC is for...

cheers again

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