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Kemics - on 14 Mar 2012
I was climbing on the weekend and started getting pain on the outside of my elbow. With a bent arm, it's on the top outside of my elbow (just after the elbow joint on the back of my arm, if that's an accurate description)

Didn't hurt with a straight arm but caused pain when climbing on a bent arm. So I stopped climbing and went home. By the evening using a knife and fork was painful and so was brushing my teeth.

I iced it and prepared for the worst thinking I had totally ruined my elbow. But now even a few days later it's not hurting at all. But I havn't climbed on it. Very nervous that Im going to start climbing and it'll come back. I've had elbow tendonosis and it's something different. Anyone experienced this injury? what's going on in this frail body of mine?
willjones - on 14 Mar 2012
In reply to Kemics:
Diagnosis - Tennis elbow.
Treatment - Rest, avoid aggravating activities, anti-inflammatories (if tolerated) e.g. ibuprofen.
If not settling, consider steroid injection.
Monk - on 14 Mar 2012
In reply to Kemics:

I'm not 100% convinced that this is tennis elbow. I thought that was on the outside of your arm but below the joint (i.e. on the hand side). What you describe seems to be different - perhaps tricep tendon?

It's worth working out what it is so you know how best to deal with it. For tennis elbow, I have found working the antagonist muscles with reverse wrist curls etc works well.
Kemics - on 14 Mar 2012
In reply to Monk:

What's im uneasy about it how severe the pain was but also how quickly it went away. Worried it's going to come back fast. I cant think how I injured it either as I was having a gentle session, good warm up and have been taking a break from bouldering because I've hurt my other elbow....strange.

I googled 'elbow' and this was a picture that came up, seems to be tendonitis I guess. bugger.

Do you do straight wrist curls or do you do concentric and reverse the movement with no weight?

jas wood - on 14 Mar 2012
jas wood - on 14 Mar 2012
In reply to jas wood: HAD them symptoms myself and now all gone :O)
Heike - on 14 Mar 2012
In reply to Kemics:
Sounds like tennis elbow, but best to see a physio in my opinion. Do your exercises and icing (you can research that on the net) and wait for improvement....but the massage and manipulation a physio can do, really does help. Also, I found stretchy tape of great help
willjones - on 16 Mar 2012
In reply to jas wood:
That exercise is meant for golfer's elbow (medial epicondyle affected), whereas the original poster describes symptoms of tennis elbow (lateral epicondyle affected).

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