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Si dH - on 12 Jan 2018

Does anyone know when it is coming out? The online bmc shop still says it's due out December 2017 and I've seen a blog online suggesting similar. But there's no sign of it actually being for sale yet except pre-order, and Cordee's website now suggests March?

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Ciderslider on 13 Jan 2018
In reply to Si dH:

I pre ordered mine ages ago from the BMC shop - they emailed me late December to say it was delayed and would be available Jan 2018 ( no other info)

johncook - on 13 Jan 2018
In reply to Si dH:

I e-mailed BMC shop Monday and am still awaiting a reply. My copy was ordered the day pre-orders were available so they have had my cash for quite some time. Perhaps they could be pushed into responding to queries re date by a lot of interest on this thread?

I appreciate that printers are not that reliable these days, but updates to the shop could be made more frequently.


UKB Shark - on 13 Jan 2018
In reply to johncook:

There's been a hold up at the printers (who are in Poland I think). Grimer has been trying to get to the bottom of it. 

Si dH - on 13 Jan 2018
In reply to ukb & bmc shark:

Thanks Simon

Niall Grimes - on 14 Jan 2018

Hi all,

firstly apology for the delay. We have been having a struggle with the printing of this one. Another publisher working with the same outfit has been having similar, longer, delays. 

We were promised news on Friday but have heard nothing. 

I will get a more definite answer by Tuesday, when amongst otherthings the person in charge of the BMC shop will be back from leave.

In the meantime thanks for your patience,

Niall Grimes



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leland stamper on 14 Jan 2018
In reply to Si dH:

Who cares. When is the Not Avon but Bristol guide out from GWR? Due December? Now that's exciting!

Niall Grimes - on 22 Jan 2018

Hi all,

still no good news on the dreaded printing of this book. It was, once again, to be on its way by last Friday or today (Monday), and received a call earlier to say the books were not finished.

It's been an exasperating period of disappointments, and we are still not at the bottom of what's actually going on.

Thanks for your patience on this, and I'll let you know as soon as there is anythng definite to report,

Niall Grimes, BMC

PS, on the bright side, at least the weather's been rubbish.


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Si dH - on 22 Jan 2018
In reply to Niall Grimes:

Niall, thanks for being so open and honest. 

johncook - on 26 Jan 2018
In reply to Si dH:

The BMC web site has just changed delivery date to April 2018. A bit late and could cost them as people are getting ready for outdoors, including buying guides and if the Peak Limestone South is not available they will buy an alternative. This will cost the BMC some profit which could have been put to good use. I could have bought BMC guides cheaper elsewhere (after you have factored in postage) but stayed with the BMC shop so my money could help in their work, but this is really getting a bit silly.

Simon Caldwell - on 26 Jan 2018
In reply to johncook:

We've been waiting for a new guide for about 30 years or more, a few extra weeks shouldn't make too much difference!

Gary Gibson - on 27 Jan 2018
In reply to johncook: considering the amount of work done by a really small number of people on a voluntary basis, this is even more disappointing for them (and myself). Niall has done a brilliant job in paging it all up and doing the artwork, Ian Carr has project managed the thing to a tee and Paul Evans and Andy Birtwistle have provided some great shots. And that doesn’t include the script writers.

A few extra weeks won’t matter really and this does look a great guide - I have seen and proof-read every page of it more than once.

It ain’t our fault or the BMCs if the printer has been slow. Just bear with us John. I know you’re itching to get your hands on one.


johncook - on 27 Jan 2018
In reply to Gary Gibson:

I fully support the work of all the people involved and appreciated that it is hard work. I just worry that the BMC will miss out because of an unreliable printer. It seems a shame that all the hard work can have a damper put on it by a supplier. Maybe the printer should be publicly exposed once the guide is delivered so other publishers could be aware? 

After 30 years of rapid developments I look forward to getting the new guide and making extensive use of it! (Maybe some of the routes I have climbed have been up-graded and I am better than I thought?) I still use my old 1987 guide. Better than the current alternatives!

I had no intention of criticising the BMC and it's extensive group of volunteers! I just feel that the printers are taking the micky!

johncook - on 01 Feb 2018
In reply to Si dH:

At the Peak Area meeting last night it was stated that the guide should be in the UK next Wednesday, but it appears they have had promises like this before! 

We can only wait and see!

Ciderslider on 07 Feb 2018
In reply to Si dH:

Any news or recent update ? Is it going to be anytime soon, or April.

UKB Shark - on 07 Feb 2018
In reply to MDR61:

Still being messed about by printers unfortunately. Grimer has given them a deadline. If we have to change to another printers then it will be another 6 weeks probably. Sorry.

Ciderslider on 07 Feb 2018
In reply to ukb & bmc shark:

Ok, thanks for the update

Misha - on 07 Feb 2018
In reply to ukb & bmc shark:

Realistically, this delay is no big deal at this time of year as hardly anyone is going to be climbing on Peak Lime South for another couple of months. I suppose on a sunny, calm day High Tor or Beeston is an option but the Rockfax has decent coverage.

In my last few years of paying the bills for the CC, I can't remember ever having any significant delays with guide book printing. We've used a few printers over the last few years, Niall can email me if he needs further details on that. I suppose the BMC won't be using the same printers again!

Niall Grimes - on 16 Feb 2018

Hi all,

Latest update on Peak Limestone South.

Firstly let me say that we have been working with an agent in the UK who we have worked with, very reliably, for years. He in turn has been working with a factory in Europe that he has worked with, reliably, for years also. The problems that seem to have beset this book are untypical of these relationships, and seem to be the result of some sort of coincidence of unfortunate circumstances (I almost used the phrase Perfect Storm there.)

These problems have included industrial action, financial troubles, the world, personal and health issues of some of the people in the chain. This has all added up to both delays and lack of clarity about where we stood.

The bottom line is that the book still isn't here. However, we have received to most hopeful promise yet that they are now printed and ready to be dispatched for next week. 

With hindsight maybe we should have pulled out of this a long time ago. Although with hindsight I would have placed a grand on One For Arthur in the 2017 National.

So sorry if all this sounds a bit excuse-y, just being honest about where we are at. 

Thank you once again for the patience of anyone who has ordered it. I know how you feel...

Niall Grimes, BMC


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paul mitchell - on 16 Feb 2018
In reply to Niall Grimes:

Niall,you just need the one ring to rule them all.

Mordor is on Millstone.

planetmarshall on 16 Feb 2018
In reply to Niall Grimes:

> Thank you once again for the patience of anyone who has ordered it. I know how you feel...

I bet it'll still be out before the Rockfax app for Android, though... ;)

Doghouse - on 16 Feb 2018
In reply to Niall Grimes:

You guys do a cracking job, don't worry about the odd delay )

craig h - on 16 Feb 2018
In reply to Niall Grimes:

The routes will still be there, so no hassle with a delay. I'm sure not that much will have changed in 30 years ;-)

Misha - on 17 Feb 2018
In reply to craig h:

Hopefully the delay won’t be that bad!

johncook - on 22 Feb 2018
In reply to Si dH:

Just received an e-mail to say my copy has been dispatched! May be just in time for some decent weather!


In reply to johncook:

Me too, but I'm out the house all day today. Hopefully my letterbox is big enough, as I can't wait (any longer than I have already)!!!

johncook - on 22 Feb 2018
In reply to Rob Greenwood - UKClimbing:

Weather looks borderline good enough for the weekend. I may be able to get out and use it, instead of the very old blue 'rock climbs on mountain limestone'. (I do have the last BMC guide but the older descriptions are much better and more fun!)

Luke90 on 22 Feb 2018
In reply to johncook:

Exciting news! Only ordered last week (prompted by this thread) but mine's apparently on the way too. Was worried that it might have been "first come, first served".

Wild Swan - on 22 Feb 2018
In reply to Si dH:

... yep; its definitely arrived... both Outside and the Foundry have copies and they'll probably be available in a load of other climbing shops in the next day or so...

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Luke90 on 23 Feb 2018
In reply to Wild Swan:

Mine arrived in the post this morning (and is currently at Awesome Walls if anyone fancies a look). Certainly won't be fitting through any normal-sized letterboxes.

Pretty excited about the new options it gives me at some crags that I had pretty much climbed out.

Alex Messenger, BMC - on 23 Feb 2018

In reply to...

Plenty of copies available direct from our online shop:


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