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I am just trying to sort out the UKC listings for camping in Bosherston in the UKC Classifieds Listings.

We currently have three sites listed:

Glebe Farm which closed in 2010 but reopened (or so we were informed) in 2012

Buckspool Farm site (which may or may not be the same as the Vicar's Field)

and The Vicar's Field

Can someone who has been there recently update me on the current state of play?

Which of these are open?

What facilities do they have?


Tom F Harding on 30 Jun 2014
David Barlow - on 30 Jun 2014
In reply to Tom F Harding:

I've been to Pembroke a few times this year.

- Buckspool farm is the field most people stay in. It's immediately before the Vicar's field in Bosherston, and has ~2 portaloo toilets, a water basin portaloo, and a (cold) shower one. It also has several taps around the field boundaries. It is a large nicely cut field. It's currently £3/person/night. The farmer comes round each morning with his 3 friendly dogs.

- Vicar's field is still open, and a few people stay there. It has a tap (on the telegraph pole, as always), and that's it. I haven't stayed there for some years (the lack of cut grass and hence number of insects puts me off). I guess it's 30 seconds nearer to the St Govan's Inn though .

I've never stayed at Glebe Farm.

There is St Petrox campsite, which I've stayed in once. However the queues for the toilets when it's busy are silly. It's more of a traditional family campsite. It's too far from the pub to walk, and costs more. If you demand a warm/hot shower I guess you might have to stay there.

In reply to David Barlow:

Thanks David

Can anyone confirm whether Glebe Farm is open? My suspicion is that it never reopened and our information was just someone reporting the Buckspool Farm site.

El Greyo - on 30 Jun 2014


Glebe Farm was not open last year. I think you are right that it must have been someone confusing Buckspool Farm with it. The Buckspool Farm site is on the right immediately after the Glebe Farm house.

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Robin Mazinke - on 30 Jun 2014
In reply to Alan James - UKC and UKH:


Have camped in both Vicar's Field and Buckspool Farm site this year. Vicar's Field is £3 per tent per night (certainly for a tent for two and I can remember a few years back when it was only £1 per tent per night cramming 5 into a 4 man tent still at the same price). Buckspool Farm is £3 per person per night.

The facilities in the Vicar's field have now increased to two taps!! But it's still a walk down the road for toilets. Buckspool (at least it was 2 weeks ago) is 3 portaloo-style cabins which are:- one toilet, one wash basin and one cold shower.

The grass in Buckspool is generally cut more, although there were a couple of small mown patches in the Vicar's field the other week.

Obviously both hit the essential criterion of being walking distance from the St Govan's Inn.
David Coley - on 23 Jul 2014
In reply to Robin Mazinke:

Hi, does anyone have a phone number for Buckspool farm please (google let down). Normally I'd just turn up, but this is for a group. Thanks.
winhill - on 23 Jul 2014
In reply to David Coley:

Is this it?

No idea if they use the number for camping enquires.
David Coley - on 23 Jul 2014
In reply to winhill:


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