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nickedmo on 14 Jul 2013
me and my girlfriend did our first big multi pitch the other day and by the time we had got to the top both of our feet were pretty sore, to the point of tears on my girlfriends part, despite this we both really enjoyed it and were wondering if anyone could advice us on some good all day shoes.

big thank nick
In reply to nickedmo: You could go a size up? Supertight shoes for edgy climbs at the top of your grade are always going to be a nightmare on easier grade, multipitch routes. Also, at belays, take them off, let your feet air. Velcro adjustable shoes will help as it is easier to loosen them as your feet get tight. I use these as my all round climbing shoe - easily adjustable, not a super tight fit, comfy heel for a descent path:
Mark Davies PK on 14 Jul 2013
In reply to nickedmo:

Dont be fooled into thinking you need tight shoes, ok you may do for super technical stuff, but generally and especially multipitch just get shoes that feel comfortable in the shop (and velcro). I'm not sure they make them anymore but five ten ascents are great for comfort multi pitch.
Nick Russell on 14 Jul 2013
In reply to nickinscottishmountains:
> at belays, take them off

^ This. At least half your time is spent on belays so it makes a massive difference. (As long as your shoes are comfortable enough for one pitch at a time. If not, you need better fitting shoes.)
ice.solo - on 14 Jul 2013
In reply to nickedmo:

sportiva TC pros are just for this. comfortable but retaining some aspects of a hard climbing shoe.

just bloody expensive for some reason.
rocky57 - on 14 Jul 2013
In reply to nickedmo:

Better to get some comfortable shoes rather than take them off on belays. I know one person, that had to finish the climbs with one shoe when a bit of rope flicked his shoe off while he was stepping over it.

Golden rule is shop for shoes later in the day, and keep them on in the shop for as long as it takes for you to be sure they are the ones you want.
purplemonkeyelephant - on 14 Jul 2013
In reply to nickedmo:

After being pressured into getting small shoes that didn't fit, and being in agony for hours, I am happy to say I found a pair that fit my feet like gloves. They aren't too big or too small, don't over compress my toes but don't feel loose either. They are Red Chilli Spirit VCR, but find a pair that fit your feet, don't buy on people's recommendation!

I'm so glad I looked further as I was starting to dread climbing.

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