/ shop/wall with variety of shoes to try?

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Hans - on 18 Feb 2018

Hi all

Can anyone reccommend a climbing shop or a wall with a decent selection of shoes to 'try before you buy' so to speak? Looking for a new pair and pretty dissatisfied with only having two or three pairs at my local wall to try.

Based in West Yorkshire.


olddirtydoggy - on 18 Feb 2018
In reply to Hans:

If ever you're wandering into Sheffield then the shop in the Foundry climbing center is not the cheapest but will let you try on the whole range on the wall. As you probably already know, it's all well and good saving money online but they're no good if they don't fit. Both me and the wife have perfect fitting shoes from there.

Jenny C on 18 Feb 2018
In reply to Hans:

Yes last time I looked at shoes there CragX at The Foundry had around 30 different models to choose from. 

dunnyg - on 18 Feb 2018
In reply to Hans:

Leeds wall and depot both tend to have a reasonable number to try.

Lornajkelly - on 18 Feb 2018
In reply to Hans:

I can recommend the depot in Leeds for shoe shopping - we took my boyfriend there to get his first pair of shoes.  They had a decent range, and the guy took time to learn what we were after and what the best thing for us was.  He also let the bf try them on the wall to see how they felt, before we bought them.  Great service and we got just the right thing.  

BrendanO - on 20 Feb 2018
In reply to Hans:

Worth going to shop when it is fairly quiet and when the shop's "shoe guy" is on shift, whichever shop you go to.  That way, you can spend a happy hour covering the floor in opened boxes without staff feeling hassled. 


Tiso Rose St Edinburgh (actually all their branches I've used) have been pretty good in this respect. Of course, being Yorkshire, you must have somewhere better!!


best wishes.

BFG on 20 Feb 2018
In reply to Lornajkelly:

Second the recommendation for The Depot.

In West Yorkshire your best choices are:

the Depot out in Pudsey:

Or the Leeds Wall:

If you're willing to travel a bit further there's:

The Foundry (Sheffield):

Outside (Hathersage):

Though tbh the former two should give you enough of a selection

Hans - on 22 Feb 2018
In reply to Hans:

Thanks everyone - all good advice!

Hans - on 08 Mar 2018
In reply to Hans:

Now the proud owner of a pair of Scarpa's from the Depot (separate thread shout out for good measure).

Best shoes I've had in ages. Thanks again everyone for all the advice!

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