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lokidokie on 08 Feb 2013 -
I have a few questions about setting highlines in the Scotland. A couple of friends and I are hoping to look in to setting a highline by the end of this summer IF we can find an appropriate and more importantly, safe place to set one. I would like to note that I fully understand that bolting is NOT and option and would never consider it (it seems people become suspicious when you mention making a highline). So, now begins the research.

First off are there any groups or individuals that are setting highlines in Scotland? If so I would be really interested in knowing where they were set. Even better if someone can recall what types of anchors were built and how windy it was etc... In fact any information at all would be great.

I would also be interested in knowing if people have any idea of good possible locations to set a highline? I would like to take a look at some possible locations to have a look at the kind of gear placements that are available. Even if we don't find a suitable location it should be a fun thought experiment in anchor construction and bring me to some beautiful locations.

Thank you for any information or advice.



This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.