/ spiral fracture of fibula!

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shaslam00632 - on 14 Feb 2014
So after 6 months of no climbing due to an operation on my elbow i finally get ready to start training again. I thought build a training board in the garage? When building this i slipped and fractured my fibula long fracture that runs up the bone!!

how long will it be until i can climb again and is there anything i can do to try and stay un shape??

thanks in advance!!
David Cowley - on 14 Feb 2014
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Ow sounds nasty hope you have a speedy recovery. Check out this link if it works
MikeStuart on 20 Feb 2014
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Standard practice for fractures in the ankle area is six weeks in a cast/non-weight bearing, if its a bad fracture you may have a further 6 weeks of being non-weight bearing. Then you have the fun of physio and 'learning' to walk again.

Advice, build your muscle strength back up as quickly (pain-freely) as you can (you lose muscle mass/strength 3x faster than it is gained) when you can weight-bear before you start climbing - swimming is excellent as it is a low impact full body cardio sport/exercise you can do post wear bearing.

In the mean time, finger board sessions would probably be your best shout, unless you want to climb with one leg on top-rope...

"Courtney stays motivated and fit during the healing process from her ankle injury"

Good luck with the recovery, and getting back into climbing!!
It took me 7 months to get back top-ropping after my broken and dislocated ankle (talus bone fracture, two screws). Two years on, I am climbing harder and better than before my accident - so don't give up hope, ever!

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.