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John Alcock - on 05 May 2014
Would whoever took my abseil rope from the top of the main St Govans descent route on Saturday afternoon please get in touch at once so they can return it to me?

Originally I naturally assumed that it must have been picked up by mistake, but having spent much of the remaining weekend asking climbers on the cliff top, at the three main campsites and at the St Govans Inn whether they knew anything I am beginning to have my doubts. How can you not realise that you have walked off with a coiled 55 metre white static rope, which was lying next to my red crux rucksack while I climbed Space Cadet? Surely by Sunday anyone would have wondered why they had "gained" an extra rope?

Not happy, John
Ged Desforges - on 06 May 2014
In reply to John Alcock:

Hope it turns up John. I'm sure someone will realise. I asked around but nobody seemed to know
John Alcock - on 12 May 2014
In reply to Ged Desforges:

10 days on and no one has got in touch to say they accidentally took my rope, so I have now reported the theft to the police. I think there was a spate of thefts from the cliff tops a few years ago. Let's hope this isn't the start of another one, particularly as climbers in Pembroke frequently have no choice but to leave unattended gear at the top of the crag.
davidbeynon on 14 May 2014
In reply to John Alcock:
Looks like someone got it by accident.
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Matthew Glenn on 14 May 2014
In reply to John Alcock:

Hi John,
Sorry, some of our friends picked up the rope by mistake, we were asked about it at the campsite but weren't aware at the time that the other half of our group had accidentally lifted it.
Honest mistake, where are you based and we can get it back to you ?
Matthew Glenn
John Alcock - on 18 May 2014
In reply to mglenn3494:

Hi Matthew

That's great to hear. I'll message you privately with my details.

Many thanks


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