/ The axe on cloggy - poss to abb down and strip?

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jan&dave - on 05 Jun 2013
Hello, does anyone know if it is possible to abb down and strip the axe on cloggy once you have done the route. Me and my friend would both like to lead this climb. Thanks.
Dan Arkle - on 05 Jun 2013
Yes. Its a long pitch so 60m ropes may be needed to do it from the top, or you can belay/ab from a niche below the top. Its quite exposed so you might find it a bit gripping!
kevin stephens - on 05 Jun 2013
In reply to Dan Arkle:
Would be a real pain, especially as the crux is down and to the right of the arĂȘte, also steep ground underneath so you may end out in space at end of rope with no easy way to swing back in (even if you can swing in to get gear pff the crux). The Axe is likely to be quite busy this weekend so you won't be popular taking up a lot of time with your antics. Why not just toss for it?

The approach up the gulley is not very stable and unpleasant/dangerous if many folk on it. Best approach is to do another route to get to top of East buttress and ab of a spike well to left of the Axe. Loser of "the toss" could get consolation prize of November to get up there.
mark hounslea - on 06 Jun 2013
In reply to jan&dave: no problem; that's the way me and my partner did it
kevin stephens - on 06 Jun 2013
In reply to mark hounslea:
Cool Mark, it was a very long time ago for me; memory not so reliable...

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.