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sthame - on 30 Apr 2012
I have created this instructional video as part of my degree course and the link is below...

The video covers the three main methods for abseiling using only a rope. Which is taught in the summer mountain leader syllabus.

I will be assessed on this so your feedback would be very helpful.

Thank you

lewismansell - on 30 Apr 2012
In reply to sthame:

Just my £0.02

EDITING : Make the text more legible and in a more readble position, ie, juxtapose it against the sky. Lose the sounds of the wind in the background and just use a voice-over. Also, I wouldn't use the silly pictures and moving text at the beginning and end. Have a search on YouTube for videos from Libby Peter [there are some in the video section on UKC too] to get an idea of shot frame size, text editing and probably some other good ideas too.

TECHNIQUE : Make a point of going in a direct line from the anchor, even though it's obvious. I like having the video from a rear position though, good touch. Talk about using your hands, eg, letting rope through and how best to lock off if needed.

Also, if you're telling people to wear a helmet for safety, wear a helmet yourself

In reply to sthame: Hi Tom?

A few points for you, and some are potentially safety issues.

Classic Abseil: You didn't actually put a twist round your breaking arm, just held the rope in your hand. You should also mention that you need to go down sideways keeping the leg with the rope going round it lower than the other leg. If you do it the other way round you can come unwrapped from the rope.

Angel Wings: You didn't wrap the rope round your arm. Same mistake as the classic. I tend to teach under the elbow, round the wrist and the rope comes into your hand from the little finger and out past the thumb. Hope that makes sense.

In reply to lewismansell:

> Also, if you're telling people to wear a helmet for safety, wear a helmet yourself

sthame - on 01 May 2012
In reply to sthame:

Thank you for you feedback.

I will definitely take on board your comments regarding filming and also the techniques themselves. And I will wear a helmet next time

Thanks again

lithos on 01 May 2012
In reply to sthame:

Hi pretty good effort with soem good info in there - my thoughts.....

others have highlighted the twist, helmet and text etc. so other bits in random order

1) if this is an instructional video what is all that 'mates go mad' stuff at the beginning (and end) about ? drop it

2) sort your over dubbing out, it's poor sound quality in mono as well,

3) personally I like a pretty robust jacket so that it wont get trashed when doing these
abs - good advice for learners in the 300 quid Patagucci top.

4) if advising novices i's suggest an additional safety rope, it's pretty unforgiving!

5) use 1 rope not 2 in your video - as you dont mention that at all and this is aimed at ML.

6) its not really a podcast is it, call it a video.

7) i'd test that anchor more 'obviously'

8) dont use technical language ('use blocking vs random') in your video, its not to show your tutors you have remembered that, think of your audience, they may not know what these things mean (or care)

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