/ W Country cragging in wet weather

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Owen W-G - on 20 Aug 2012
Typical. Not climbed all summer, week in Devon/Cornwall planned from Friday and weather forecast comes to fill me with anxiety. Looks like rainy/unsettled weather coming in from Atlantic.

Which crags in Devon/Cornwall are quick drying? Any microclimate hotspots worth knowing about?

Bosigran/Sharpnose both on the planned hitlist.

Tom Last - on 20 Aug 2012
In reply to Owen W-G:

With the exception of well trodden places like Bosigran, better to keep clear of non sea-level cliffs as they tend to hold more of the big furry lichens, which is what holds the moisture in. That said places like St Loy can be real sun traps.

Best bet is just to keep moving around. You may well find that Lizard is dry when Penwith is wet, or vice versa, or Dartmoor is wet when the culm is dry, etc, etc, but you won't know until the day.

You'll almost certainly find something, if you're prepared to move around a bit. CC guide should give aspects to help you choose crags to suit the conditions/prevailing wind etc. Everywhere dries pretty quick down here this time of year with a bit of wind.

Good luck!
Owen W-G - on 22 Aug 2012
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Any others?
wkrzys - on 23 Aug 2012
In reply to Owen W-G:

Places like Vicarage will dry very quickly with the slightest breeze, so I would check the weather to see wind direction and the rain radar and see if there are any slate-style cliffs which if there is gap in the weather they will dry off in seconds.

If you look at Vicarage or maybe Lower Sharpnose point, and you're lucky with the wind, after rain a lot of these cliffs up and down the coast a bit here will dry literally in seconds

Good luck - keep your options open.
Sean Kelly - on 24 Aug 2012
In reply to Owen W-G: Granite on Dartmoor dries quickly eg Haytor. Also the limestone in Torquay (Meadfoot Quarry, Telegraph Hole, etc) Likewise the granite on the sunnier sea cliffs down in Cornwall. Sunday looks better...

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