/ Which mountain rescue team is least well funded?

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Deadeye - on 01 Apr 2018

Some money potentially coming up.  So which MRT is least well-funded?

I'm guessing that Snowdon and Lochaber are frequently called but also relatively well sponsored on a call outs/income basis.

Who is working hard but strapped?

Welsh Kate - on 01 Apr 2018
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In all seriousness, I don't know - but there are lots of busy teams outside of the 'honey-pot' areas who don't do so well from donations from the public. I don't know if MREW (umbrella organisation for England and Wales) or Scottish Mountain Rescue (the Scottish equivalent) have that kind of info, but asking them is probably your best bet.

I've been on two callouts today, for an injured walker and a missing biker; I'm happy to give my time but it's the generosity of people like yourself who keep us operational, so thank you very much for your generosity, whichever team you donate to.

Roberttaylor - on 02 Apr 2018
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The one that's having the most fun.

Joking aside, I'd be interested in the answer so if you do find out please post it here.

richprideaux - on 02 Apr 2018
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The definition of 'working hard' might be the tricky part here. High operational tempo with good PR often means a steady income, whereas a quiet team needs to train to the same (broad) standards but doesn't receive the same cash.

There is a personal cost too that isn't visible outside the team - fuel, kit, lost time at work/with family etc. Donations to a specific team will be unlikely to help with that cost.

The Charity Commission site gives a rough idea of how flush a team is:


It's quite interesting to note that the operational spend varies massively from team to team.


lucozade - on 02 Apr 2018
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Thanks so much to people like yourself. On another note, who has disliked this post and why?!

StuDoig - on 02 Apr 2018
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If you contact SMR and MREW they'll be able to steer you in the right direction and will be up to speed with any teams who have recently lost kit / vehicles, suffered base break-ins etc who might particularly appreciate or need donations!



DerwentDiluted - on 02 Apr 2018
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I'd guess it would be SARDA, the search dog umbrella organisation that oversees training etc of MR search dogs. Not a 'team' as such as it's membership is derived from MR teams, but they play a vital role in ensuring that a key search asset for a team is effective and reliable. Not well recognised among the general public, the training is arduous and the commitment of the handlers is astonishing even to a lay team member.  I doubt there is team member around who hasn't thanked their deity for a search dog on at least one occasion.

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