/ Who took my pic on InPinn ?

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icokloppenburg - on 14 May 2019

On April 25 I climbed the InPinn on Skye with my wife. 

A man who climbed it just before us, with his daughter for her birthday, took my picture from below, while I was standing on the top block. 

I'd love to have that pic as a memory of a great day out. So: if you know who it was, please leave a note. 

Phil Scott - on 15 May 2019
In reply to icokloppenburg:

I remember seeing a post from Adrian Trendall taking his daughter up there around that time for her birthday, I'd guess it could well be him.

He's a guide and runs the 'All Things Cuillin' group on Facebook - try giving him a shout through there.

hokkyokusei - on 16 May 2019
In reply to Phil Scott:

Also on here, I think. I believe I have bought books from him.

atrendall - on 16 May 2019

Think it was me, as Phil says.  Here's a link to a post on FB with one photo of you on top of The Bolster Stone. Check it out and if you want a larger file then let me know an email address and i'll sort it out.





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