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nickyprice77 - on 08 Oct 2017
Hi all

I hear there's some good winter sport crags in the south of France and was hoping for some recommendations.
I am thinking of avoiding all things xmas and driving down through France to Spain in December.
If anyone fancies joining me at a crag then please pm me as will need belay buddies for the trip and for other adventures.
The Jazz Butcher on 09 Oct 2017
In reply to nickyprice77:

South of France winter crags; Wow, where to start? I spend quite a bit of time over the winter climbing in and around the Côte d’Azur.

Have a look at the latest Rockfax Côte d’Azur guide, it will give a good idea of what is available.

This is a site by a Côte d’Azur local and there is lots of info on crags not in any guides;

Surprisingly, finding mid week partners is not that easy as a lot of the locals tend to hibernate in the local climbing walls over the winter. Can't really blame them, it gets really cold, down to 20 degrees celsius, sometimes you even have to put a jacket on..........

There is also the South West; Ariege region etc, but I don't know that area very well.

Have fun.

nickyprice77 - on 09 Oct 2017
In reply to The Jazz Butcher:

That's brilliant. Thank you loads TJB
Jonas Wiklund - on 09 Oct 2017
In reply to nickyprice77:

St Gery and St Antonin-Noble-val are both good French winter destinations on the way if you're driving to the east coast of Spain.
nickyprice77 - on 10 Oct 2017
In reply to Jonas Wiklund:

Thanks Jonas
roadtoruin - on 10 Oct 2017
In reply to nickyprice77:

Hey there you, I would recomend Spain. It has so many options for adventures, plus if the north is cold just head further south for the sun.
If you do end up coming here let me know and we can show you around.
Trythallj - on 10 Oct 2017
In reply to roadtoruin:

The Costa Blanca is probably the best bet for conditions in the months in the middle of winter. Probably more so than El Chorro, even though not so far south. Lots of choices of venue to suit conditions, and new bolted venues seem to be popping up all the time, across all grades except possibly the very hardest.

The Orange House is a good, friendly, economical place to stay, and to meet people to climb with. I don't stay there, but spend most of the winter in the area.

Enjoy your trip!

John Trythall
Laramadness - on 10 Oct 2017
In reply to nickyprice77:

Down here in the Ariege you can be easily climbing in t-shirt through Nov, Dec, Jan, but in the mountains nothing is guaranteed. Catalunya is just a few hours away for better weather if it's not so good here. Ariege Climbing Scene on FB is good for finding belayers in the area (if they aren't all injured!!).
nickyprice77 - on 11 Oct 2017
In reply to Laramadness:

Thank you all so much!!
I've got lots to be getting on with.
I really appreciate it as it's my first time to Spain.
freelunchprovider - on 11 Oct 2017
In reply to nickyprice77:

Two of us from S.Wales will be staying at the Olive branch 25nov for a week in El Chorro. Welcome to join us.
andyinglis - on 11 Oct 2017
In reply to nickyprice77:

La Turbie
ian6206 - on 12 Oct 2017
In reply to freelunchprovider:

Sorry to hijack your post. Lol. If anyone else is stuck for a partner and the offers still there I'd love a trip out to el Chorro. I'm from north wales. Climb around 6c-7a+ sport outdoors. Give me a shout if owt comes up. Please ???????? ian
stp - on 12 Oct 2017
In reply to nickyprice77:

There are tons of crags in the south of France. Not all are good for the winter. Probably best avoid places like Ceuse, the Verdon and Gorges du Tarn as the weather could be bad. But there are many other excellent low lying areas.

Have you been to Buoux? Superb pocket climbing of all grades. There are many other crags in the same area like Roussane (sun all day). On the coast there are some great places. Loads of crags at the Calanques (which are often too hot the rest of the year). Sugiton overlooks the sea and has some superb overhanging tufa climbing. There's climbing in Monaco (La Turbie). Cimai is another good spot, not too far from the sea. Chateau Verts I think gets sun in the morning. Volx is not the best place but still good by UK standards. Basically polished climbing on very steep rock but good retreat if the the weather is bad.
emma1987 - on 12 Oct 2017
In reply to nickyprice77:

Nicky - I'd be up for joining you - especially if you end up in costa blanca orrrrrrr Val De Melo!! What are you up to the week after next - its half term so I'm about if you wanna climb...missed you at redpoint on Saturday I think... I went late
chrisdevon on 17 Oct 2017
In reply to nickyprice77:

I'll be out in Spain from mid November to sometime in February and I am looking for climbing partners. Based around the Costa Blanca mostly.

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