Anyone used the Salomon Sense Aero 2 in 1 shorts?

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I'm interested in trying the Sense Aero 2 in 1 shorts but can't find any reviews so far. I don't want to shell out on them without any real world feedback.

The integrated long compression boxer and the storage belt are the main appeal. To be able to leave the hydration / storage vest at home on short runs but still carry a soft flask and mobile.

Do they storage pockets actually work well? Would it be better to have a separate storage belt like Salomon's Pulse?

Whats the fit like? Any chaffing on weird seams happening?

Thanks in advance

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 Sans-Plan 15 May 2022
In reply to Jacob Eagles:

I have a couple of pairs of Salomon shorts similar to these, I hate both pairs with a passion. One was described as having a seamless crotch and doesn’t, the other was described as breathable and wicking, they are not.

I haven’t found a pair of shorts with a longer inner that fit well yet, they tend to fall down and end up chafing more than normal shorts and running boxers, could easily be fixed with a gripper on the bottom of the leg like cycling shorts.

It may just be my leg/body shape that causes the issue as lots of people seem to wear them with no issues so as usual YMMV

 ablackett 15 May 2022
In reply to Jacob Eagles:

I’m aware I’m in the minority here but I really don’t understand the outer shorts with a Lycra liner thing.

Why not use a bum bag rather than a 360 degree mesh pocket?

 mattyP 15 May 2022
In reply to ablackett:

I'm in full consensus. Shorts with just the gusset and liberal applications if squirrels nut butter to alleviate chafe issues if it's going to be really sweaty/wet. 

 Tom Briggs 15 May 2022
In reply to Jacob Eagles:

I use a flipbelt - a bit warm but you can carry 350ml soft flask in it and plenty of gels. Less cumbersome than a bum bag.

I’ve got the Salomon Aero shorts with no brief that I’ve paired with Skins compression shorts over the winter. Really like the Aero fabric and they’ve lasted well despite being so lightweight.

I can’t imagine you wouldn’t get loads of bounce if you loaded those 2 in 1 shorts up as per the photos?

 ianstevens 15 May 2022
In reply to Sans-Plan:

I guess I'm one of those 'other people'. Not used this specific model, but have used a range of similar Salomon offerings over the years - all of which have been great for the purpose the OP describes, with zero chaffing.

 greg_may_ 15 May 2022
In reply to Jacob Eagles:

I've given away the pair of the previous version of these. The inner was too warm, didn't stay in place, and was not comfortable at all.

In reply to Jacob Eagles:

Thanks all. 

The 'seamless' crotch or lack of seems to come up a lot with salomon shorts. 

I defiantly suffer the chaffing issues without some sort of liner. Therefore I've often worn a seperate compression short with standard shorts on top. So had there have been a decent pair that combined the two, I'd have been keen.

Storage wise, I wanted something closer fitting and less 'bulky' than a traditional bum bag. Hence looking at theses shorts or perhaps some sort of storage belt. 

On paper the sense aero seams to tick all the boxes, but many of the concerns you've all raised put me off some what. Never mind the price tag!

Cheers All

In reply to Jacob Eagles:

Patagonia shorts have integrated pockets which are great for gels / keys etc but they aren’t big enough for a water bottle I don’t think. I would highly recommend them though as they are really comfy if you haven’t tried them before and they last forever! I think they do an integrated liner version too

 greg_may_ 15 May 2022
In reply to Garethza:

I've two sets of the Patagonia Endless Run shorts - they are, for me, excellent (if expensive). They were the answer to some "impressive" crotch heat rash two years ago during a few ultras. I rate them highly.

I've run in them with a soft flask on one side and a windproof on the other for short runs. But I'd still rather run with a small bum bag! Or a really light race vest.

 steelbru 15 May 2022
In reply to Jacob Eagles:

I've got a pair of the T8 Sherpa Shorts, which have similar mesh pockets all the way around the waist. The difference with the Salomon ones are they are just outers - I wear over a pair of Runderwear Boxers which are seam free. are a Hong Kong based company, but they ship all over the world and I had no issues getting them delivered.

In reply to steelbru:

These look quality! Thanks for that. 

Did they take a while to ship?


 steelbru 16 May 2022
In reply to Jacob Eagles:

> These look quality! Thanks for that. 

> Did they take a while to ship?

> Cheers

I honestly can't remember it was a couple of years ago, but think it was like 2-3 weeks . The liner shorts they sell also look good, nice and thin for summer months, my Runderwear ones are great for cooler conditions but a bit warm in the summer

 Justaname 16 May 2022
In reply to Jacob Eagles:

I have a flipbelt plus (with zipped pocket) and like it for runs when I need less gear than a bum bag / vest. They don't bounce about as much (and chafe) and you can wear them day after day with whatever shorts / tights you like.

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