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goldmember - on 07 Jun 2017
Starting on the north coast finishing in South. Or the other way. Has anyone done it? What's it like just sounds like fun?
Thinking of doing Anglesey next year and doing Cornwall in 2019.
mbh - on 07 Jun 2017
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Do you mean the 100 mile Arc of Attrition from Coverack on the south coast to Porthtowan on the north coast? Haven't done it but I've done the 44m Classic Quarter which covers roughly the first half of that from the Lizard to Land's End, and run the rest in chunks multiple times.

The scenery is of course stunning, but the going is tough around west Penwith from Penzance to St Ives, and even locals easily get lost in the dark on the stretch towards St Ives. There are easy flat sections leading up to and through Penzance and just before the end, but dunes at Gwithian and then some killer steps chucked in just when you think you are there.

The Arc is in February and the Classic in June, this weekend in fact. You could also try the south coast Roseland RAT, also run by Mudcrew, like the Arc. It is in August on the south coast and offers 11m, 20m, 32m and 64 mile variants, the latter being the 32 m version there and back, half of it at night. The food stations are much better than those on the CQ.

Or, you could try the 140m, 24000ft or so North Coast Challenge, from the Devon border to Land's end. I jogged along for a few miles with Dave Cudby and Stu Musson, the last two to do it, in about 47 hours. The first forty odd miles of that, to Port Isaac, are tough going, and then there's west Penwith to finish, with two sections of dunes in between.

mbh - on 16 Jun 2017
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Did you actually want a response?

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