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Plungeman 07 Jun 2019

I'm looking for a bit of product advice.

TL;DR: Need suggestions for a women's GPS watch that can be worn casually.

Long story: My wife has an old garmin for running (no idea what model, but needs plugged in to upload) and relatively recently got a Fitbit Charge 3 for...whatever they're for (watch/pedometer/relaying messages from a phone??) 

She's been getting into the running a bit more, so the wired connection is getting annoying, and she's managed to lose the fitbit so I'm looking for something that will be similar in appearance (nothing too bulky) and function to the fitbit, but also give GPS tracking and thought I would turn to the runners of UKC for advice. 

Pipecleaner 07 Jun 2019
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Not long changed my plug in Garmin forerunner 10 for a new forerunner 45.  It's all the things you're after...plus more. They even make the 45s (S for small?) in a smaller size. Not stupidly cheap but not a complete rip off...I'm fairly impressed. 

No doubt there will be other suggestions but worth a look...even has emergency contact feature if paired with your phone (and you have a signal!) 

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plyometrics 08 Jun 2019
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Suspect I’ll be lambasted on here for this, but my wife uses an Apple Watch for all that stuff and she loves it; particularly when she realised she could track her swim training on it. 

She’s had it a couple of years and it’s been surprisingly robust. Obviously you need an iPhone to go with it, which might be a stumbling block. 

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