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fimm on 01 Dec 2017
I have developed a slightly mad idea that I would like to combine two of my hobbies and bag a Munro while competing in a hill race. I have the hill experience (200+ Munros) and have done a reasonable amount of running (I did a couple of road marathons but they were a few years ago, recently I've stuck shorter stuff); but my hill running experience consists of two races, Tinto and Carnethy 5.

I have some notion that you need to have demonstrated your competence by completing shorter/easier races before being allowed to enter the more challenging ones, but I've failed to find any evidence of this online. Does anyone know if this is true, or am I imagining it? If I am right, how do I find out what races qualify me for what?

Two races I have my eye on are Stuc a'Chroin and Slioch - there's an Arrochar Alps one but I've already done all those Munros. Are there any more?

Any suggestions/tips for getting into this (apart from "run up lots of hills")? Any good websites/forums?
The New NickB - on 01 Dec 2017
In reply to fimm:

I don’t know specifically for Scottish races, but I’ve done quite a few races in England (FRA rules), including a few Lakeland classics on big hills. Some races require qualification (Yorkshire 3 Peaks is one example), but most don’t.

I would advise building your experience a bit before attempting long races with lots of ascent, but hillwalking experience is really valuable in the longer races.
Curry - on 01 Dec 2017
In reply to fimm:

FRA Forum and the main website is a good resource for fell running, the races section lists the relevant experience required/suggested.

I don't believe Stuc a'Chroin or Slioch require previous experience to enter (could be wrong), however some of the classic races like Jura definitely ask for evidence of previous relevant experience, races you've done etc.
steelbru - on 01 Dec 2017
In reply to fimm:

Scottish Hill Runners is the official website however there is also similarily named Scottish Hill Racing

Check out the Races page on the latter, and you'll see a list of all the races that were run in 2017. Those that go up Munros are ( I think ) :-
Stuc a'Chroin
Ben Lomond
Scottish Islands Peak ( Ben More on Mull - you also need a boat and crew for this ! )
Glas Tulaichean Uphill
Slioch Horeshoe
Arrochar Alps
An Teallach
Ben Nevis
Meall nan Tarmachan

Note that the Aonach Mor race does not go to the summit.
There used to be the Glenshee 9, which visited the 9 Munros around Glenshee, but did not run last year. There are probably a few other older races not now running that visited Munro summits.
petestack - on 01 Dec 2017
In reply to fimm:
Some races (e.g. the Ben) require previous completion of, say, three Category A hill races. Categories A, B and C are defined not by length or gnarliness as such, but by ascent/distance ratio. Lengths are S (short), M (medium) and L (long). Tinto is an AS and Carnethy 5 AM, so you could be most of the way there already. What I can't remember offhand is whether those requiring three As make any length stipulations.
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Dave Kerr - on 01 Dec 2017
In reply to fimm:

I don't think Stuc a'Chroin is vetted, I entered on the day this year. Slioch is vetted and pre entry only. Carnethy 5 does not count for Slioch entry so you'll need to do a few others.
roddycun - on 01 Dec 2017
In reply to fimm:

Glenshee 9 is the obvious one. It runs every other year (ie should be running 2018), and is a pretty good and obvious route. I ran it last year when typical summer bad weather reduced it to the "Glenshee 1".

Normally the onus is on yourself to self-vet yourself per se (Jura being the exception where you really need to have experience and in turn due to the high numbers), but if your fixed on doing a Munro as part of a race then maybe one like Slioch or especially Meall nan Tarmachan are best to start off with.

fimm on 04 Dec 2017
In reply to steelbru:

Thank you.
That adds Ben Lomond to the list of "Races that go up Munros that fimm has not already climbed" - I've been up all the others except Ben More (but that looks a touch impractical). The Glenshee 9 race also looks interesting - I'll investigate that as I've done some Munros round there but not all of them.
fimm on 04 Dec 2017
In reply to petestack & others

Thank you for all the information.
fimm on 20 Jan 2018
In reply to fimm:

So how do I know what category any given race falls into? I'm looking at the lists on both Scottish Hill Racing and Scottish Hill Runners, but I can't see the information in either place.

I'm asking because Glenshee 9 is running this year, and I'd like to enter but I need to list "3 category AL/AM hill races or equivalent, completed in the last 2 years" in order to enter. Assuming I complete "Feel The Burns" tomorrow and Carnethy 5 at the start of February I should be fine, but I'd like to be sure! 

Mark020 - on 23 Jan 2018
fimm on 25 Jan 2018
In reply to Mark020:

Thank you! 

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