/ Inov8 150 Stormshell v Montane Minutes vs Berghaus Vapour

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stouffer on 27 Jan 2014
..or indeed Haglofs Gram Comp!

I noticed Sport Pursuit had the Berghaus Vapour jacket on sale this week and it got me thinking about buying a decent jacket for some fell racing this year and maybe a mountain marathon. I'm looking at the above options and wondered who's tried what.

Ideally I'd like one to cover all the bases, the Inov8 looks great but at 150g doesn't seem much more than a windbreaker? I've tried a Minimus on before but read a few things suggesting it might not pass kit checks? The Haglofs looks a similar weight but is Goretex Active Shell.

The Berghaus is behind at the start due to the eye-melting colour scheme but I'm also guessing would be a bit heavy for everyday running?

Opinions appreciated along with any other suggestions!

Curry - on 27 Jan 2014
In reply to stouffer:

The Minimus smock or jacket should pass a kit check as it is Pertex Shield +, taped seams, hood, and 20,000mm hydrostatic head. I have the smock and I love it, packs down very small and should be sufficient for all but the worst weather. May need something a little more robust for proper winter conditions but I've had this out in rough weather and it performed well. The kangaroo pocket's good for map, compass, and food, easy access.
stouffer on 28 Jan 2014
In reply to Curry: I bought a Minimus for a few quid last year in a seconds sale at Montane as a bit of a last minute thing for an event. It had worn quite badly where a rucksack waist belt would be. Any issues with wear with yours?

I've also just noticed what autocorrect has done to my thread title!
Curry - on 28 Jan 2014
In reply to stouffer:

So far no issues with mine, only had it a couple of months, no visible signs of wear, but I would be wary with a bumbag or rucksack strap over the top of it, the material feels tough but not bomb proof.
steveriley - on 28 Jan 2014
I've got the previous green Minimus and it's fine for running, it does actually shift most sweat. Not worn it that many times with a sac or bumbag but no wear problems that I've noticed. It's been fine for races (though don't think I've ever worn it). Had a feel of the Innov on a mate and looks great, less rustly material.

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