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TheDrunkenBakers - on 12 Jul 2018

So, as is typical, I have gotten back into the running and an issue emerges.  I guess at well past 40 I have to expect that.

This time, its suspected ITB syndrome.  I have been running twice per week for the last 10 weeks or so, ranging from 4-7 miles building up to 14 miles in a week at 1 mile per week addition.  Last week was my first 3 run week where I have spilt the distance into three runs, each smaller, with a view to build them up too.  All has been well but just over a week ago I had a twinge on the outside of my hip.  I then ran three times last week, the first two being quite painful but the last being very sore to the point of having to stop after about 1.6miles and hobble the way home.

Im pretty sure that its ITB issues at the hip.  It hurts when I do a lateral stretch to lengthen the ITB and is quite superficial.  It has developed such that I get some gluteal irritation and a funny sensation down the outside of the leg and into my shins, hence my diagnosis.  I have been icing it, taking NSIs, stretching and rolling non of which have been making too much difference plus strngthening the area with a resistance band.  I havent run since Saturday and its driving me nuts.  Im also seeing a physio next week who is paid for out of work insurance.

As a common runners problem Im sure other have succumbed to this so how long is the expected pain to last, in general, and what have others done to speed up the process.  Has anyone actually decided to run through it (I did and it didnt work)?

The ageing process isnt helping me with my fitness, thats for sure, and apart from weekly badminton and walking the dog, running is the only thing I do.  Ive tried swimming and cycling and hate both.

Cheers folks.


ChrisBrooke - on 12 Jul 2018
In reply to TheDrunkenBakers:

I'm no expert at all, but glute weakness could likely be a factor. Try these:


Worked pretty well for me. I ran 1000 off road miles last year (from being near enough a non-runner) and quickly had ITB problems which strengthening helped a lot more than rolling/stretching. All I would say is don't underestimate the speed (slowness) with which you should increase distance in your training. Slow and steady wins the race there. Good luck.

thommi - on 12 Jul 2018
In reply to ChrisBrooke:

+1. Strengthening your hip flexors and ass muscles will help massively. Rolling will not really help with ITB, nor will stretching... simply people it wont stretch that much.  

bensilvestre - on 12 Jul 2018
In reply to TheDrunkenBakers:

This year I bought an armaid, with only the orange ball attachment (cheaper at 60 quid ish) for my golfers elbow, but a friend showed me how to massage my ITB with it and it has helped that massively too. Bonus, as i havent been able to heel hook for a long while

I found lots of hip strengthening and massage  (try rolling your hip on the knuckle of a clenched fist) crucial too when I had proper ITB issues

SouthernSteve on 12 Jul 2018
In reply to TheDrunkenBakers:

You can't stretch the band itself, but you can stretch the tensor fascia lata. It will tighten again if you don't meet the points made well by others above but it will give temporary relief. You can try a hard ball, a little bigger than a tennis ball or the end of the foam roller. Hope this helps.

TheDrunkenBakers - on 13 Jul 2018
In reply to TheDrunkenBakers:

Thanks for all the replies folks.  Ive woken this morning and the pain is even worse and is radiating down the leg even stronger.  Is it best to rest it up completely before doing the exercises or doing them now, which are a bit uncomfortable.  I'll be seeing the physio next week and will get her advice as to whether I need to see a specialist as well.

Irk the Purist - on 13 Jul 2018
In reply to TheDrunkenBakers:

I suffered ITB issues for 18 months and it never radiated anywhere, it was localised pain at the knee with general stiffness in the hips. I understand this is pretty typical.

Also, ITB pain tends to stop immediately after exercise, or soon after. I did have lingering pain from associated bursitis, but that was localised and associated with specific movements. And caused because I wouldn't stop running. Getting worse sounds unusual. Pain that gets worse after exercise has finished is normally a pretty good sign to have a rest. Get some ice on it.

Wait for the physio. If it get's worse, go see a doctor.



Bjartur i Sumarhus on 13 Jul 2018
wbo - on 13 Jul 2018
In reply to TheDrunkenBakers:you have my commiserations - I had ITB problems a bit.  Mine were on the outside of the knee, and hurt outside of exercise.  I also noticed mine was a little sore a few weeks ago, but my suspicion is that I was compensating then for a different slight injury.


I  not a fan of strapping, massage, rollers and so on as a real fix for injury problems.  I would rather people fixed the cause.  Do you run on, off road?  Hows your running style? Shoes? General flexibility, strength , weight and so on.  Injury is a sign something is wrong, fix the cauec


Fwiw I shifted mine by stopping running.  I don't think you can run through this as you will inevitably overcompensate and break something else, and it didn't really disappear after warming up


Guy - on 13 Jul 2018
In reply to TheDrunkenBakers:

I'm still a rookie runner but one thing I have learnt over the last couple of years is that you really need to listen to those early warning signs.  You don't have the strength built up to carry on running with a tweak.  Running three times after a twinge especially when you felt it worsening is not the thing to do.  I know you have a training plan but it is a plan not a set of rules.  Adapt the plan.  Missing a couple of runs or just doing something else aerobic is a better option than being out for a month with a chronic injury.

SouthernSteve on 13 Jul 2018
In reply to Irk the Purist:

> Wait for the physio. If it get's worse, go see a doctor. 

   This sounds like a good idea. Steve

Wee Davie - on 13 Jul 2018
In reply to TheDrunkenBakers:

I'm in the middle of trying to rehab my (self diagnosed & presumed) IT Band problem. The symptoms came on last October affecting my right hip and lateral aspect to the right knee.  My pain has been at rest, not while exercising. It has been pretty damn sore at times lying in bed in a spoons position and with legs straight out which has made getting to sleep difficult at times.

I've been lazy until recently with the rehab. I bought a roller and used it a bit while keeping on running & playing 6 a side football but it wasn't improving- surprise surprise.

I'm currently doing a couple of stretches and no running/ football. I'm doing the squat one with the bad leg crossed over the good leg and the lateral leaning stretch one elongating the bad side. These points were excruciating 2 weeks ago at the start of the process but are easing off as flexibility improves. Pain is lessening too. I was really shocked at how inflexible I'd become in the hip area. Fingers crossed I'll get this injury settled down soon and get back to jogging as I really miss it. 

TheDrunkenBakers - on 13 Jul 2018
In reply to Wee Davie:

Good luck with that Davie. You are not alone in your frustration.

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