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LastBoyScout on 14 Oct 2016
My wife is starting to get into running again with a friend of hers, with a view to entering a couple of races next year.

Her current watch isn't very suitable (only does time and date) and she's borrowing mine, which is a bit big for her wrist, so I'm planning on getting her a new one for Christmas.

So, requirements.
- Stopwatch
- Waterproof (she'll use it swimming)
- Easy to use
- £50-£100, ideally

GPS would be a nice touch to show how far she's run, but not essential. At that price, I'm not sure the GPS will be very reliable anyway - although happy to be convinced otherwise.

Thanks in advance...
climbingpixie on 14 Oct 2016
In reply to LastBoyScout:

I've got a TomTom Runner and I've been impressed with it for the price. For £60-70 you get a fairly slimline GPS watch which picks up satellites quickly and has a reasonable battery life. I liked it because it's substantially smaller than the Garmin ones I'd looked at (as well as being much cheaper). Mine does everything I need it to - I can track pace, average pace, distance and duration when I'm out running, and I could attach a HRM if I wanted. The TomTom website is a bit shit but I can just sync it to Strava or whatever. And I believe they are waterproof up to 50m (but I've never tried it on mine) plus it has a stopwatch.
Indy - on 14 Oct 2016
In reply to LastBoyScout:

Sounds like spending a fiver down the market will do you as all you want is a stopwatch and waterproofing??

What running specific features are you looking to get?
Morty - on 14 Oct 2016
In reply to LastBoyScout:

Instead of looking for a watch for the slimmer wrist, why not buy her something that will develop her wrists:
LastBoyScout on 23 Oct 2016
In reply to Indy:

Yes, I could get a cheapie Casio, but it would have a small display and fiddly buttons, so I want something a bit more user-friendly.

I have a Timex IronMan that has a big, customisable, back lit display and easy to use buttons.
Roadrunner5 - on 24 Oct 2016
In reply to LastBoyScout: these really are great watches, very easy interface and use, light. I wore my wife's quite a lot and ran my PR in Chicago marathon using it. Really really nice basic GPS watch.

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