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Strava - leaderboards

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 SouthernSteve 05 Jan 2020

I don't know if any others have noticed, but the leaderboards for challenges are now only present for a few challenges. This makes the point of the challenge quite limited as knowing where you are in the field and with my friends (and enemies ;-)) is the main point for me – I don't really need a badge! If you use Strava and care two hoots, perhaps you could contact support and complain to go back to the old system.


 yorkshireman 05 Jan 2020
In reply to SouthernSteve:

I generally only join the run distance and climbing challenges but more as a way of easily seeing my monthly total at a glance rather than any real comparison, but it seems silly to remove this. Especially as there's no explanation as to why from what I can see.

I still love Strava and have been on it since about 2013 I think and was a premium member for a lot of that period, but I feel like they've squandered a lot of goodwill by resting on their laurels a bit (I refuse to pay for premium until there's a solid TrainingPeaks-style annual training planner available).

I guess a lot of their revenue stream now comes from selling data to cities and governments to plan infrastructure projects (which is a good idea IMHO) and sponsorship partnerships

In reply to SouthernSteve:

I can't be done with it when there are folk on ebikes claiming king of mountain etc.. I just use it as a temporary log before I write it up in a proper planner. 

 TMM 05 Jan 2020
In reply to summo:

This is a frustration. Running segments full of cyclists who have mi-logged their exercise. It doesn't bother me too much most of running is off road but it seems that the algorithm that is supposed to removed these anomalies fails all the time.

In reply to TMM:

As said above the concept is good, but if they don't keep on top of it they'll lose trade and die. 

 girlymonkey 05 Jan 2020
In reply to summo:

We run canicross a lot which makes us significantly faster. I still want to log them though, as my canicross speed interests me as much as normal running. Strava doesn't give me a way to log it differently, so I just have to title it as canicross. I think maybe there needs to be more options for logging different styles of running, cycling etc

In reply to TMM:

It's not a big deal for me as I'm never going to get any KOM's but it shouldn't be too hard for Strava to automatically delete any runs that are better than world record pace, as I have seen on some segments. 

 Padraig 05 Jan 2020
In reply to SouthernSteve:

Running is personal. Ditch fitbit, strava, park runs.

 Shaunhaynes99 09 Jan 2020
In reply to Padraig:

I  like the segments as they are good reference  for myself  and my fitness. Maybe there is a way i can still track them.  Ut it only shows  up my times. 

 SouthernSteve 09 Jan 2020
In reply to Shaunhaynes99:

Segments are still there

In reply to Padraig:

For you maybe

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