Summer Spine Race 2022

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Entries are open and I know that a few people have mentioned they were interested, so who's up for it?

I've entered the full thing, so am currently trying to get my head around what it's going to be like doing a non-stop, multi-day event that's 268 miles long and likely to take the best part of a week to complete.

I've done the KIMM/OMM and various other mountain marathons, but the fact you get a proper overnight stop makes them quite a different proposition. I've also done the 'Big Three', but the fact you get to stop running after 24hrs makes them look positively short in comparison!!

I'm guessing that from the psychological side it's similar, insofar as you break it down into smaller and more manageable sections, but from a physical perspective the effect of cumulative fatigue + sleep deprivation must a toll.

Be interested to hear of anyone experiences, for those out there that have done it. I thought the interview with Anna Troup over on Beyond the Utimate was insightful. Ironically there's far more reports + articles written about the winter event, but far fewer about the summer.

 r0b 21 Jul 2021
 petemeads 22 Jul 2021
In reply to Rob Greenwood - UKClimbing:

Thanks for the links, Rob and r0b - fascinating insights into the different experiences over the same course. The full Spine is way too far for me but I could be tempted by the Sprint (if still available).

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