Trail running shoes for the slender footed gent

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 robsykes1975 26 Dec 2021

Afternoon all,

I'm looking for any recommendations for trail running shoes that would fit a thinner foot. 

I've previously used Salomon Speedcross and found them to fit well but am looking to try something different. I run 3-4 times a week year round and cover about 40km on trails, paths around the High Peak and Cheshire/Derbyshire border. Terrain is paths, rock and mud but not fellrunning. 

I've heard that inov8 trail running shoes are a wider fit and have been recommended to look at La Sportiva.  Others have suggested Scott but I've had no guidance whether these are a wider or thinner fit.

Any recommendations or suggestions would be gratefully received.

 plyometrics 26 Dec 2021
In reply to robsykes1975:

I’ve made a change from the Speedcross to the Dynafit Feline Up. Very similar to the Speedcross in many respects, but less of a drop and more sensitive underfoot IMHO. 

 wbo2 26 Dec 2021
In reply to robsykes1975: Different Salomons, Dynafits, or Sportivas come to mind if you want 'real' trail shoes.  Some Hokas aren't exactly wide.  Or Pegasus trail, and tighten up the laces.

 DaveHK 26 Dec 2021
In reply to robsykes1975:

Yup, definitely not inov8, even the supposedly narrower ones are too wide for me.

Plenty of salomons to try and better models than the speedcross which are ok but rather basic.

 RM199 26 Dec 2021
In reply to robsykes1975:

I have thin feet and can recommend the saucony perigrine ST

solid on rock, muddy trail and fell, with a decent bit of cushion for the odd bit of road


 Mattyk 26 Dec 2021
In reply to robsykes1975:

I have Scott supertrac rc2. Great on the peak moors probably not really for trails but I have a narrower foot and found they fit nicely and are my go to shoe for anything off trail.  I have various other shoes and have found the inov8 trailrocs fit narrow well, feel.nice and secure in them. The trail talons are a bit wider on heel with a large toe box and the mudclaws I have are really sloppy on the heel so I need thick socks.. I went to a shop in the end on advice of somebody on here and although I paid proper price for the shoes got feet measured and able to have a chat about what I actually needed.

 KrisNash 26 Dec 2021
In reply to robsykes1975:

Always difficult to judge shoe advice as people's feet are so different.

I have v long narrow feet - size 12-13, but narrower than my wife's size 6s

I run around 50 miles a week, all off road around the ridgeway, so hard packed in the summer, slippery mudfest from Nov to March 

For winter I have two different inov8s - I find their width guidance works for me. I am happy with a 1 on their 1-5 scale and can also get by with a 2, tightly laced (also works well for feet swelling on longer distances 

In summer I am now on my 3rd pair of Onclouds - the extra cushioning is just right for hard packed marathon + routes



 Rmgdsc76 27 Dec 2021
In reply to DaveHK:

i rate the Inov-8 trainers, the Mudclaw came up really narrow across the toes knuckles for me. 

 DJayB 27 Dec 2021
In reply to robsykes1975:


Thought I’d dip in with my 2p as a narrow footed runner. 

I would mirror my like of the Scott supertrac RC, arguably not a true trail shoe but I have worn mine for fell and trail and everything in between and found it a great all rounder. Mine are due for replacement and I was thinking of getting the Kinabalu ultra RC for a more dedicated trail shoe. 

For one not mentioned yet, would whole heartedly recommend a pair of VJ sport Maxx, a cracking trail shoe. Grip on wet rock is unparalleled. It is very narrow though so definitely try it first. 

 Wasarad 28 Dec 2021
In reply to robsykes1975:

It is essential for me when choosing a pair of trail shoes to be secure and wide because my foot is quite wide.

OP robsykes1975 31 Dec 2021
In reply to robsykes1975:

hi all

many thanks to you all for your suggestions - much appreciated. wishing you all a happy, healthy year of running in 2022

 DaveHK 31 Dec 2021
In reply to Rmgdsc76:

> i rate the Inov-8 trainers, the Mudclaw came up really narrow across the toes knuckles for me. 

I've tried a few including mudclaws and slopped about in all of them because they were too wide. Weird eh?

In reply to robsykes1975:

2nd the Hokas.  I have narrow feet as well and have previously run in La Sportivas but could not find them local so tried the Hokas.  The Hokas seem a little more wide but somehow stay in place, also a decent pair of insoles can take up some volume.  

If you are leaning towards zero drop shoes the Altras fit me nice and snug from heel through mid-foot but then loads of glorious wiggle room up front.

In reply to robsykes1975:

Adidas Swoop would probably have fitted you nicely, unfortunately they stopped making them a few years ago. 😭

Possibly the best "out of the box" fitting shoe that I've ever had.

In reply to robsykes1975:

I've got really narrow low volume feet and found that Salomon were the best fit speedcross and speedcross vario fitted really well for general trail running, have got some Inov-8 x-talon 212s (2 pairs) they're fit is brilliant for my feet for more fell stuff. Inov-8 width fit 1, they don't do many other shoes in the 1 width unfortunately.

Guess you just need to try loads of shoes and find the best fit.


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