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fenski - on 15 Oct 2018

Recently completed my first mountain marathon (see previous post). Next objective will be an 87km ultra (5000m vertical) in June next year, with possibly something else in between. 

Can people recommend me some books for training, and specifically for working out a good training plan?? My normal weekly activities will include running (obviously), climbing, and snowboarding/splitboarding in winter. I also plan to include core & strength training into any plan.

I'm thinking of Training for the New Alpinism, as that seems to get a lot of good reviews, but is that suitable as a training manual for running trail ultras???

Nutrition wise, I am looking for something on general nutrition, nutrition for training, and healthy eating. Something with typical meal ideas would be good, but doesn't necessarily have to be specific recipes, as I'm a pretty decent cook, and would be able to adapt to something suitable.



EuanM - on 15 Oct 2018
In reply to fenski:

Training for the New Alpinism is a great book and definitely worth a read but I’d say not specific enough for ultra training. I can’t remember exactly (don’t have a copy handy) but pretty sure there isn’t much content on running training programs.

I got a lot of benefit from “Relentless Forward Progress”. Covers all aspects of ultras and includes training programs. 

For the mental strength side there’s some great content on the “Trail Runner Nation” podcast. This episode in particular https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/trail-runner-nation/id484661268?mt=2&i=1000411221795


fenski - on 15 Oct 2018
In reply to EuanM:

I’ll check it out. ThAnks

climb41 on 15 Oct 2018
In reply to fenski:

Hi, another vote for Relentless Forward Progress. Lots of good info there.

I’ve used The Feed Zone Cookbook which is written for cyclists but has some great recipes, including portables...


ianstevens - on 15 Oct 2018
In reply to fenski:

Vote here for Training Essentials for Ultrarunning (Koop). Needs a bit of mental input on your part but necessary as everyone’s goals and bases are different. I like it as it considers ultramarathons as unique in their own right, not just as marathons plus.

Nutriution-wise, I’ve got a lot out of The Complete Guide to Sports Nutrution (Bean) which has references, no guff and is accommodating to my dietary requirements (veggie). 

Ben Sharp - on 16 Oct 2018
In reply to fenski:

Racing weight is a good book, it's a while since I've read it so I'm not sure if it fulfills your requirement for recipes but I imagine it would still be worth a read.

yorkshireman - on 16 Oct 2018
In reply to fenski:

Already mentioned but secondary votes for 'Racing Weight' and 'Training Essentials for Ultra Running'. I prefer the latter over RFP although it's been a while since I looked at that one. Koop though writes very well and explains the principles behind training in a way that makes a lot of sense.

Good luck on the ultra next June.

Curry - on 16 Oct 2018
In reply to fenski:

+1 for Jason Koop's book, need to be careful with applying some of the training intensity imo, may be an injury risk to some.

Non-book, I'd recommend all of the articles on trailrunnermag.com by David Roche, a multitude of articles around training/nutrition. 

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