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pepperpot - on 04 Dec 2012
I've been running local tracks and trails three times a week for the past 5ish weeks. Each run has been 30 minutes at a fairly constant easy (60-70% Heartrate Reserve), and its been very satisfying to see the mileage and pace gradually increase as I've got fitter.

I want to continue taking things steady and just work on endurance, so I'm planning to increase the duration over the next 6-8 weeks by 10% each week with a rest week part way through. Now, here's the question...

Is it best to increase each run so that they're all more or less equal each week, so 30-30-30 then 30-30-40, then 30-40-40. Or do I increase just one so that it's 30-30-40, 30-30-50 and so on...
steelbru - on 04 Dec 2012
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To improve best to mix your runs up, if possible try and do ;-
- one longer, slower run
- one hard run ( this could be shorter and faster, or normal distance, but a mixture of short sharp bursts with jog recoveries - fartlek if you know what that is )
- the rest steady runs
Eric9Points - on 04 Dec 2012
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how about..

and so on

I put in a pull back week every 4th week.

10% a week is quite difficult to do you may well find that 7 or 8% on average is what you'll actually achive.
mattrm - on 04 Dec 2012
In reply to pepperpot:

Really, any of those approaches seems fine. Personally, I'd go for the 30-30-40 then 30-40-40 approach. Always with running, when increasing miles/distance, make sure you do it very very slowly. It's incredibly easy to injure something. Just make sure you take it easy and do what feels best / seems sensible. Assuming you're fairly new to running, it's worth pointing out that it takes a while for the body to adjust to regular running, so just keep it nice and easy. Honestly, if you're happy with 30/30/30 that's a good amount to be running, so there's no harm in just sticking to that at all, it'll get you fitter, so it's all good.
pepperpot - on 04 Dec 2012
In reply to pepperpot:

Since I've got a bit older I've started to get a bit more patient, and had wondered about increasing it by a smaller amount each week. There's no rush I suppose and as I'm enjoying it so much the last thing I want is to get an injury.

In terms of intensity I have three usual runs;

1) a loop one which is largely flat with a long section of to canal tow path
2) a linear one that is generally uphill to the turnaround point
3) a random run round a local woods which I make as hilly and as muddy as I feel like - I tend to be less rigorous with heart rate on this one and push myself when it feels good.

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