Val d'Aran by UTMB

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 alastairmac1 31 May 2021

Just wondering if anybody UK based is registered for one of the Val d'Aran events at the beginning of July? And still hanging in there hoping that circumstances will make traveling feasible?

 timjones 01 Jun 2021
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My take on it is that travel is currently possible with testing and quarantine on return to the UK?

 yorkshireman 01 Jun 2021
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I'm not UK based or registered for that race but am running UTMB which has just been confirmed to go ahead. They've stated that they'll be allowing European runners signed up to the 'Passe Sanitaire' scheme that the French government are putting in place (basically proof of double vaccination, negative PCR test or proof of past Covid recovery).

There will be a staggered start over 3 hours to ensure a bit more distancing and we'll have to wear masks at aid stations I guess. 

The French government are announcing more details on 9th June as the final phase of déconfinement. Not sure what the situation is in Spain or how it would work (for Val d'Arran would you fly to Pau/Toulouse or somewhere similar?) with the situation there (isn't it mostly in Spain?).

Best of luck anyhow.

 alastairmac1 01 Jun 2021
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Thanks for the responses. I'm just waiting to see how things develop over the next week or two. Keeping the possibility alive of grabbing a last minute flight to Toulouse and hiring a car to drive up. But I'm rapidly beginning to think the odds are dwindling and the hassle factor increasing. But there are worse things than having to stick the local hills for a few more months. Cheers.

 timjones 01 Jun 2021
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I'vw got flights, car hire and accomodation all booked with either free cancellation or transfer to another date/flight.

Flying into Toulouse was tempting but I finally opted for Barcelona as crossing extra borders has the potential to be complicated at present.

In a few weeks time I'll have to start chwcking the last dates for free cancellatons but until then I'm just trying to relax as I can do nothing to change the outcome.

 alastairmac1 03 Jun 2021
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I've dropped you a direct message.

 FallingUp 29 Jun 2021
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hello all

I will be at val d'aran VDA 162km flying in to barcelona wednesday evening from the UK where i am meeting a friend coming from the USA.      We'll drive to vielha and in theory have a space for another or two in the car I think (have to check which car my friend hired). 

That aside, if anybody is going and has "extra" friends or family members who might be about, I am likely to be a last quartile runner looking for a support person to bring some items to me to checkpoints 5 and 14 and I suppose the big middle one at 11 as well (this is legal per the rules).   If anybody's friends or family are supporting them, this is the normal route they'd be taking and AFAIK there doesn't seem to be any prohibition on one person supporting multiple runners.  VDA appears to be absolutely brutal - possibly the hardest underfoot of any ultra of this general scope that i've ever seen -  and so I am hoping for a chance for some equipment changes and such at 5 and 14 which are only possible if you have a supporter (mine bailed - thanks dear .   Happy to compensate somebody handsomely for this.

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 timjones 30 Jun 2021
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Did you get my reply, I haven't heard back so presume that you are fixed up OK?

 timjones 30 Jun 2021
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What time do you envisage arriving at 14?

I'm running the CDH so could possibly help out with this if you arrival fits in amd you can't find anyone else?

I may be interested in a car share depending on the timings, I land in Barcelona very early on Wednesday morning  and currently have a seat booked on the ALSA bus that afternoon.

 yorkshireman 25 Jul 2021
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Did you make it? How did it go? 

 timjones 25 Jul 2021
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I've just completed my quarantine after flying back home.

It was an amazing event over some really great terrain with some very professional organisation.

If it fits into my calendar I'll be going back for the 170km VDA next year.

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