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SteveM - on 16 Mar 2019

What websites do people use to get reports on ski touring conditions, snow reports etc? Particularly interested in Silvretta Austria


McHeath - on 16 Mar 2019
In reply to SteveM:

I don't know any sites in English. Of the sites in German, this one's good and very detailed for Tirol, but the Silvretta also covers parts of Vorarlberg (Austria) and Graubünden (Switzerland). The term you want for further googling is Lawinendienst (avalanche service), followed by the area.

Not sure if Google Translate would cope with all the technical terms, so maybe good to wade through the first attempt and get the important terms translated individually.

Not looking good at the moment, lots of fresh snow and high risk, but there's some high pressure coming up next week.

Edit: forgot the link:


Edit 2: I just tried Translate, and the result was very good.

PS here's one which concentrates on conditions for ski touring, also looks very good (schneeverhaeltnisse =snow conditions):


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inboard - on 16 Mar 2019
In reply to SteveM:

Wepowder is great and in English  

tirol avalanche service (forecasts in English, blog in German but you can use google translate if you don’t read German.). Also Vorarlberg avalanche forecast and Swiss one too. 

Theres a useful thread on snowheads about Innsbruck/ Tirol conditions (although of course Silvretta is W of there and conditions can differ). 


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