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featuresforfeet - on 10 Apr 2014
Beginning to think about planning a multi day tour next year - anyone got any suggestions other than the Haute Route (or Bernise Oberland)?
9fingerjon - on 11 Apr 2014
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There's a good looking route across the main valley - from Les Diablerets to Kandersteg going over Wildhorn and Wildstrubel. Looks like a good alternative to the Haute route. I've not done it, but some friends had a great time just doing the last 3 days of it.
Cathy - on 09 May 2014
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Haute Route Imperiale / Tour du Ciel (they give it different names for the two directions) Gorgeous tour! Wonderful big country, one 4000m peak to bag (Bishorn), some smaller ones, and some spectacular travel days. Various ways into and out of it.
ROB W - on 17 Jun 2014
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Would agree with cathy on the one she sugested,have done it a couple of times with clients and we have a great time,good huts and some brilliant ski'ing,also worth looking at is the west oberland haute route,good fun to be had by all on that,and some good huts along the way. maybe also worth a look if you have'nt been there,you can do a few one day type tours from the Grand San Bernard monastry, you stay in the monastry,very interesting place,then go ski'ing the next day,theres a three or four col classic from there,but its better if you have a second car droped further down the valley.

Good luck
SiWood - on 17 Jun 2014
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Hi D (and Hi Rob W)

Agree with haute route Imperial. Did it this year - more ski mountaineering / touring than skiing if you know what I mean. The mountain scenery is superb as you traverse around the head of the Zinal valley mostly at or above 3000m.

Couple of pics now on my gallery here.

Enough talk of ski though its cycling season !

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