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bigbobbyking - on 25 Apr 2012
Planning on heading up to the Monchjoch hut this weekend and considering trying the Jungfrau. Is the normal route a reasonable objective for a non-extreme skier? I normally feel comfortable on S3/toponeige 3.x routes and this is what camp to camp rate the normal route, however there aren't a lot of reports around about doing it on skis so I wondered if there is a reason for this... Like its really scary or hard. Was planning on leaving skis at (or just below?) the Rottalsattel and going on foot to the summit.

If anyone has any experiences I'd be interested to hear.
rif on 25 Apr 2012
In reply to bigbobbyking:
Pretty straightforward if you do as you say and do the short steep bit to Rottalsattel on foot. Did it one May on 3-pin gear and we didn't find the skiing scary or hard. Final slope to summit is steepish (maybe 40 deg?) and quite exposed, also icy in places when we did it, but there are (or at least were) stanchions to belay on if you're not confident doing it unroped. Hope this helps.
Kean - on 26 Apr 2012
Agree with Rif.
Did it from Rottalsattel on foot. A party of 3 skied from summit but it's pretty steep. I believe they've had a major dump of snow there. Ticino was all grade 3 today. Not sure about further N around Jungfrau. We used the stanchions but I'd say you'll find it pretty snowy.

PS. What's 3-pin gear??
rif on 26 Apr 2012
In reply to kean: > PS. What's 3-pin gear??
Nordic skis and bindings, leather boots

bigbobbyking - on 26 Apr 2012
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Thanks, decided not to go this weekend due to high winds but hopefully will have an opportunity to do it in another week or two.

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