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sticks - on 10 Apr 2014
Anyone used these this season as a ski and climb boot? Interested in general feedback as I may order a pair for next year. Thanks.
wkrzys - on 10 Apr 2014
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Hey, so I've had my spectre's now since early this year. Have had maybe 15-20 days skiing this season on them, both on and off piste, both lift assisted and some touring. Intention was to also get climbing on them but that never really worked out for various reasons although that might change in the next few weeks yet, so can't comment on that front for now.

All in all; a great boot. The fit issues are considerable; took a fair bit of work to get them comfortable, but they are there now. So be careful buying online unless you are sure of fit - the instep is super tight and the boot very narrow. Not a normal fit at all, but the liner provides a lot of space if you can put up with them for a week to bed in.

They are really light and feel great to ski, and the buckles are great. When I've had to do some scrambling on rock or boot-packing the vibram sole has been fantastic and the shoe I think will be amazing when you get it really climbing. It fits my crampons well and when in walk mode they feel like a normal set of b2/b3 boots, light, small, precise.

I have had one issue which makes me question how durable they will be - the left boot has some trouble now engaging between ski/walk mode and is fiddly - and I can see the issue; suspecting weak design or materials; but I suppose you sacrifice weight somewhere! They have taken some hard punishment to date but I hope for them to last a few seasons!

I think for the price, if they fit, I'd totally recommend them - but I'm sure a few more seasons will reveal some tweaks to improve them yet!


craigloon - on 11 Apr 2014
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Don't know if you've seen this review? The comments are worth a read too.

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