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 team fat belly 07 May 2021

Obviously it will vary but how many days skiing do people get out of the lake district ski tow most years.

 jdh90 07 May 2021
In reply to team fat belly:

I joined a few years ago, got two days in because I work a 9-5 and conditikns didnt line up with free weekends 

Haven't bothered to renew membership since, mixture of conditions being pants and other factors.

Its vastly better than an indoor ski slope.

Its not a resort. Its very subject to weather and quite a walk in. You need your own gear.

It seems a bit of a shame that it gets a lot of attention from the press every time they manage to run, then from people treating it if its as a commercial operation, suggesting groomers, expansion etc. Its a club, and restricted by being in the NP.  So the question to ask yourself really is "do I want to join a club of people enthusiastic about putting a lot of work in to ski some often dubious (but sometimes epic) conditions". And clubs work best when youre willing to put back in, eg committee member or work meets.

In subsequent years I've just toured instead. Also bought kites, but not managed to combine them with snow yet. Maybe this weekend if it lingers!

 jdh90 07 May 2021
In reply to jdh90:

On the other hand...

Membership is totally worth it for the days that the epic conditions do line up for a weekend, suddenly every man and his dog want to join in, but they're running members only.

"But you could get more money if you have guest skiing" they cry in desperation on the fb group. I quite enjoy watching their lamentations fall of deaf ears.

And it really can be really good, I just remembered I went as a guest for a midweek day the season before last with fresh snow and bluebird skies.

Membership also breaks even on day guest prices after 2days/season, which in non covid years isn't too hard.

They do limit the number of members though, and the decision point is usually in the summer if you want to guarantee a spot and get earlybird price.

If you have the kind of job that can be flexible with short notice days off, or are reasonably local, dont mind a gamble and are very keen its probably worth looking to join this summer.

 TheGeneralist 07 May 2021
In reply to team fat belly:

Dunno. But it's been open this week which I think is marvellous

In reply to jdh90:

You had me, I was going to join but then you said "bluebird".


 jdh90 07 May 2021
In reply to Presley Whippet:

I spent a year in a North American ski resort, if that is any excuse for the Americanism.  It seems its more widely used and accepted in skiing circles too, almost a shorthand technical term. Perhaps because weather is important, much like climbers have words like chossy for describing certain qualities of rock.  That day really was a bluebird. Cloudless skies, crisp but not bitter temperatures.

I also like the cheeriness of the term. Larking about in the snow, with views over Ullswater, while the rest of the world is in work, in the place where the more common meteorological condition is more "damp grey blanket".

But each to their own. The dislike wasn't from me.

 mike123 08 May 2021
In reply to jdh90:  I was going to type pretty much what you said . It’s about half an hour drive to stannah for me and I can usually make it to the tow in about an hour from  there. often skinning from the sheep fold , although sometimes on  a narrow ribbon of snow .I ve been  a member for several years . Some years I’ve not used the tow at all some years I’ve used it lots . I mainly go for a bit of  a tour and have an hour or two on the tow at the start or end of the day . The thing about touring in the lakes is that a cracking day out on skis will often not involve that much actual downhill  skiing . So heading over to the tow for an hour means you get the best of both ,  properly Out in the mountains and throwing a few shapes as well .  I m happy to contribute £50 a year  to keep the club well funded as I like the fact that it exists . On the The odd day conditions are excellent and I’ll manage three or four hours of proper skiing . For a couple of years the Wednesday club was a few dads who were either “working “ from home or stay at home dads , it was Possible to drop children at school , drive to stannah , walk / skin to the tow , ski for a few hours , ski / walk back to the car , pick kids up from school . Occasionally things were cut a bit tight and occasionally beer was taken on the way back . 
Edit : I forgot to add : bluebird 

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 jdh90 08 May 2021
In reply to mike123:

> The thing about touring in the lakes is that a cracking day out on skis will often not involve that much actual downhill  skiing .

My only ski day this year was a long slog up to Great Rigg, to boot on, skin up to Fairfield, for one run back down the ribbon of snow on the path before walking back out. Helvellyn massif was better enrobed but that would have meant a drive and that didn't sit well with my interpretation the restrictions. 3 ish hour outing for about 5 mins descent.  My girlfriend didn't see the point but I was like a pig in muck.

> I m happy to contribute £50 a year  to keep the club well funded as I like the fact that it exists . 

My dad takes that approach and has been a member for a good few years now. I was going to do it last year, but forgot during the early call then was pipped by all the people flocking in when their alpine trips were cancelled and the snow fell here.  This thread has been a good reminder to get back on it now that I'm more local.

> Edit : I forgot to add : bluebird 

Thats now two bluebirds, one earlybird and a lark. Owl bet that ruffles some feathers

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In reply to jdh90:

It pokes further at the sore that won't heal created by "send".

I had a sparrowhawk in the garden recently. Now that is a good day. 

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 jdh90 08 May 2021
In reply to Presley Whippet:

I'll give you that one. Send began as reasonably tolerable when used as encouragement to lob yourself off something scary into a lot of airtime, but when then overused for any minor unimpressive feat, "nice send" etc now makes me wince.  Forgivable only when recalling a chairlift story of the guy that "sent himself" into a windlip during a failed step-up. Makes me snigger every time I think about it.

But I can't see how you can be mad at the bluebird. The one in my minds eye is such a chubby, jolly little fella that he could get away with murder.

 wercat 08 May 2021
In reply to Presley Whippet:

it was a very bad day for us - a friend of 5 years standing, a regular in the house reduced to downy feathers blowing on the ground, gone like tears in the rain

the ski club carpark was packed yesterday - Striding Edge was like a day in February or March

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 mike123 09 May 2021
In reply to jdh90: just remembered a Wednesday club story . One Wednesday several years ago conditions were perfect . In fact A Bluebird day  . I dropped the kids bang on 8.30 , drove over to stannah with fat Andy who had done the same at a different school . We skinned up sty barrow dodd from the sheep fold , skied down to the tow and had a few hours sking on really good snow . We then skinned up whiteside  bank and  skied most of the way down brunt Ghyll to the road on perefect powder  Jogged along Back to the van .   Drove via middle Ruddings and had a very quick pint of excellent beer ( well even CA rling would have tasted good ) . Drove ( observing the speed limit ) to be a about 5 minutes early for pick up .  A fellow member of the Wednesday club had kids at the same school as mine didn’t ski,but would come on climbing jaunts in the summer , had been primed to collect the kids if I was late . I was about 5 minutes early . My mate was stood  in the playground talking to one of those obnoxious posh mums who would generally look down thier noses at the scruffy outdoor types and has never walked further than from her Range Rover to sainsburues entrance .Her equally obnoxious husband was stood talking to his accountant close by . I jogged into the play ground out of breath , slightly sunburnt and of course buzzing .

My mate : “ good day ? “

me “ yep , you know ! “

posh mum looking down her nose “ oh ..have you been hiking ? “

Me ( guessing what was to come ) “ no . I’ve been skiing “

posh mum ( disbelieving ) “ what ? “

Me : “ yes . It was amazing “

posh mum ( now really puzzled ) “ what ? “ 

me “ I’ve been to raise . The Lake District ski club “ 

posh Mum “ what ? “

Me “ you know . The Lake District ski club “

posh mum now becomes really flustered and start to look around the playground for husband . Sees him deep in conversation . Shouts and almost runs over to him “ Charles . Charles . There s a ski club . In the LAKE DISTRICT  !!!! “  

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