/ Safety release tables (aka DIN settings) for TLT Speed Radical

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RockShock on 28 Nov 2012

I think it's fourth or fifth forum where I ask that, but perhaps here someone will help.

I am looking for the Dynafit table which contains the DIN settings for the heelpiece of Speed Radical bindings - anyone can give me a hand with this one?

Second question is a bit more tricky one: according to the new heelpiece from 2012/13 has modified anti-rotation feature and doesn't need to be turned clockwise only to change between modes. Looking at the binding I also don't see why I would have to keep the 'clockwise' direction, but the manual and the arrow on the plate still advise such rotations... Does anyone have some 'official' knowledge on the subject?

Shearwater - on 28 Nov 2012
Dynafit release values aren't actually DIN-tested, but you can treat them as equivalent. Because these release values are standardised, you can just have a look at the ISO 11088 chart to find out what you should be using; it isn't manufacturer specific.

Table in PDF form:
This is a useful calculator (though it has a few bugs):

For me, (5ft9, 12st, 320mm bsl, 'intermediate') I get an RV of 6 and I used this as the starting value for both MZ (horizontal) and MY (vertical) and then went out and skiied some icy bumps, adjusting upwards until I stopped pre-releasing which ended up being MZ 6.5 or 7 (don't recall which offhand) and MY 7 or 7.5. Be prepared to spend half a day or so getting your bindings dialed in and you'll be fine.

As regards your second question, you can ignore any rotation-specific blurb on that binding and in the manual... I don't know why, but it looks a lot like Dynafit did the absolute bare minimum required to implement the new antirotation system, and that apparently meant not removing old stuff from the molds or documentation.
RockShock on 28 Nov 2012
In reply to Shearwater:

I do owe you one! I seem to have similiar parameters for the settings, just the boot is shorter (TLT5, it's 308mm only) so all the numbers point to 6.5 as a starting value - I'll plan one day of testing for dialing in as you suggested.

PS: On the rotation the only explanation of 'clockwise only' now I could think of was that while rotating the notches would work against each other and wear (so twisting back and forth would wear them faster), but after looking at the binding it seems the notches 'click' only when the heelpiece is weighted, so that should not be an issue indeed...
HeMa on 28 Nov 2012
In reply to RockShock:

As certain Swedish skier Robban Ohlsson stated... DINs as high as they go, and then half a rotation back on the screw... After which he realized, that he had been adjusting the BSL not DINs.
RockShock on 28 Nov 2012
In reply to HeMa:

Cheers, will take care to turn the right screws ;)

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