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Denni on 12 Dec 2013
Hi folks,
any recommendations for ski lids?

I know they have to conform to one of three standards and they have class A and B and work it out apparently with a drop test and other bits and bobs but I could be completely if I am, can someone please enlighten me?

Ideally, I'd like padded ears and maybe a peak and a goggle strap at the back, only because that Is what I used to have and I liked it. I've been looking at the Salomon Patrol and Prophets because they fit my head and also the Giro Seam.

I've no idea about new technology for ski helmets so could do with some useful advice. I'll be using it for beginner snowboarding and won't be using earphones with it! Would also be good if I could easily fit a Go Pro onto it as long as this doesn't compromise its use or if you've any other ideas about go proing and best way to record your outings, then I'd also appreciate that.

Thanks in advance, Den
Graeme Alderson on 12 Dec 2013
In reply to Denni:

I was told just get whatever one feels most comfortable
Srick - on 12 Dec 2013
In reply to Denni:

I have a massive sweed, and pretty much the only comfortable lid I found where POC's. Love it to bits now. Padded ears, insulation, vents. Adjustable. Amazing helmets and there goggle systems are top notch, however, they aint cheep!
Jack_Lewin - on 12 Dec 2013
In reply to Denni:

Yeah brand wise go with whichever feels best, salomon and giro are shaped differently.

Outside that the more you pay the more comfortable you will be (better linings, sliding vents, better adjustability) and also the finishing may be slightly better.

Best advice is set your budget, go to a shop and try the different brands helmets in your price bracket and see what feels good. Fit should be snug but no big pressure points anywhere, give each one a few minutes to see how it feels.
Dustin on 13 Dec 2013
In reply to Denni:

In addition to being certified for skiing/snowboarding, being a good fit, and being comfortable for all day use, there are a couple of other things I'd check.

Firstly, the combination of helmet and goggles. Some just don't fit well together. I'd recommend you try them on together.

Secondly, if skiing in colder conditions the ear pads are well worth it, but I'd look for ones that still have small holes in the centre of the pads so you can hear people around you.

Lastly, if you're snowboarding, you're probably going to be wiping out more! A goggles clip on the back can be useful, one that secures the goggles completely with a popper rather one you just slide the strap behind.
LastBoyScout on 13 Dec 2013
In reply to Denni:

I use a Dainese Fun Helmet (stop sniggering at the back) - not sure if they're made anymore.

Padded ears and goggle clips, but no peak. Dubious a Go Pro would fit, due to the finish.

Buy whatever fits you best - any helmet should be better than nothing.
IMA - on 13 Dec 2013
In reply to Denni:

POC helmets, after 18 years of using lids by far the best all round, if it fits your head
yorkshireman - on 13 Dec 2013
In reply to IMA:

All good advice - the two best things about my snowboard lid are the clip at the back for the goggles (not just for wiping out, but for when you prop the goggle up on top of your helmet - you don't want them springing off when you're on a chair lift) and also the ear covers.

The ear covers are detachable so for sunny spring days I can take them out but for brutal December blizzard-fests I can be nice and cosy.
TobyA on 13 Dec 2013
In reply to Denni:

They have loads of choices in my local sport shops, seems a really big item to sell now, so I'm amazed by how many DON'T fit my head well. It's not even just between brands either, some Salomon ones for instance are OK, whilst others crush the front and back of my head but are wobbly side to side. I think your best bet therefore is just wait until you are somewhere with choice and get trying them. They all seem to go on sale here around mid-Feb, so later season is a good time to go shopping.

I really want one that is both ski and climbing certified. I've taken my Petzl meteor on recent ski mountaineering trips because it's so much lighter and smaller than my ski helmet (a rather old school but solid one from Decathlon that was brilliantly cheap!) and having seen lots of super hard extreme ski dudes seem happy to ski in their meteors.
Denni on 13 Dec 2013
In reply to TobyA:

Hi folks,
thanks for all the replies and advice, much appreciated.
Am hoping to pop into my local S and R as they have at least 8 different makes so I can get a good idea of what fits best.
I know when I tried the Salomon Prophet on, it was a really good fit for my heed but bloody expensive.
Spring bargain shopping I reckon.
Cheers, Den
ClimberEd - on 13 Dec 2013
In reply to Denni:

Sweet make the best ski helmets by a jump.

The trooper if you can afford it.

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