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 GravitySucks 13 Jan 2022

Hi Folks

Looking for recomendations for ski hire in the three valleys (Specifically Menuires - Cheapskate ) Would like like some proper all mountain skis (90-95 mm under foot) but after hours of flogging the internet all I get is carvers for corduroy or some alledged AM skis that are really better suited to the piste. 

Any recommendation for chains that actually stock a slightly wider ski or independent shops that could sort me out ?

Merci beaucoup

 Stenton 13 Jan 2022
In reply to GravitySucks:

It's a difficult one, for me, even in situations where there's been a suggestion online of reserving specific equipment, the shops tend to ignore. Most shops will have a stock of genuine AM skis but depending on the weather or conditions, they could be popular or all out when you visit.

My best suggestions are to either (a) email the shops direct, though you might find you lose any online discounts, or (b) take a higher/expensive level of ski package online and specify what you want when you get there, not surprisingly shops are a lot more flexible if they're getting better paid. Could make exchanging skis to try out different types or models easier too.

According to the below, Skiset have a premium level of ski hire - Black Crows might work for you

In reply to GravitySucks:

I don't know if it has affected the rental stocks but there's a dearth of ski equipment to buy out there at the moment due to supply chain issues in general. All the common sizes tend to have sold out and its especially acute in XC skiing which saw a massive increase in participation last year due to the ski resort closures in France.

My local What'sApp group is full of friends offering their first-born for sale for any kind of equipment.

I can imagine this, coupled with uncertainty in general about how much of the season they would be open for, probably means choice isn't as plentiful as it could be (purely guesswork though).

Good luck

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